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U.S. Travel Association Unveils IPW Host Cities for 2026-2030


The U.S. Travel Association has revealed the IPW host cities for 2026 to 2030. This announcement marks a key milestone in promoting and growing inbound travel to the United States.

The selected cities – Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida (2026), New Orleans, Louisiana (2027), Detroit, Michigan (2028), Denver, Colorado (2029), and Anaheim, California (2030) – represent a diverse range of destinations across the country.

In a strategic move, Greater Fort Lauderdale and Detroit have been chosen as first-time hosts for the IPW. This decision underlines the association’s commitment to showcasing a variety of U.S. destinations to the global travel industry.

Geoff Freeman, President and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, emphasized the crucial role these cities will play in bolstering inbound travel and strengthening the U.S. economy. He further expressed enthusiasm for collaborating with these destinations to maintain IPW as a pivotal event in the global travel industry’s calendar.

IPW is renowned as the leading inbound travel trade show and has historically generated over $5.5 billion in future travel to the United States. The event achieves this by facilitating connections between U.S. travel exhibitors and international travel buyers and media. This engagement is crucial in promoting U.S. destinations, negotiating future business, and showcasing travel products.

The event typically draws around 5,000 delegates, including 1,400 international participants, over three days, featuring 90,000 scheduled business appointments. These figures reflect the show’s immense scale and its role as a catalyst for international travel to the U.S.

The upcoming dates and locations for U.S. Travel’s IPW are as follows:

  • 2026: Greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida — May 18-22
  • 2027: New Orleans, Louisiana – May 3-7
  • 2028: Detroit, Michigan – June 10-14
  • 2029: Denver, Colorado – May 19-23
  • 2030: Anaheim, California – June 1-5

These newly announced host cities follow the previously declared venues of Los Angeles (May 3-7, 2024) and Chicago (June 14-18, 2025).

Freeman highlighted the competitive nature of the global travel market, underscoring the importance of IPW in attracting international visitors and positioning the United States as a premier travel destination. The selection of these diverse cities reflects the Association’s strategy to showcase the varied attractions the U.S. offers, from the sunny beaches of Florida to the historic charm of New Orleans and the bustling urban landscape of Detroit.

As the travel industry continues to recover and evolve, IPW stands as an essential platform for promoting international tourism to the U.S., offering unique opportunities for business development, networking, and global exposure for American travel destinations.

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