UNICEO 2020 European Congress

UNICEO to hold its 2020 European Congress in Athens

UNICEO® – United Networks of International Corporate Event Organizers announced that its 2020 European Congress will take place in Athens from 4 to 6 November 2020.

Members of the association from about 30 countries will come together at the Hotel Grande Bretagne and focus on the theme of the congress, “Leading Events to the Future: Innovation, the new paradigm of performance “. The congress aims to strengthen the positioning of UNICEO® members as key players in the communication strategy and business development of their companies.

During the event, UNICEO® members and their peers will have the opportunity to bring their voice and unite their talents to solve the corporate communication challenges and to demonstrate the key role of Live communication and corporate events in this context.

Conferences and activities will specifically study the role of technological innovations (digital, AI, robotics, etc.), their importance in delivering an authentic experience to participants, the place of events within companies’ ecosystems (CSR) and how to demonstrate effective performance.

Debora Piovesan, Head of Events of the association, says, “This 2020 edition is again placed under the sign of the collective intelligence. The world of corporate communication and particularly the corporate events sector is highly impacted by the deep changes taking place in our society; obviously by the technological revolution but also by changes in society, culture, and even climate. You therefore constantly need to adapt and innovate to achieve the desired performance.

This Congress will be an excellent opportunity for all Heads of Communication, Marketing and Corporate Events to enhance their knowledge, get inspiration from the different contributors to the congress (peers, speakers, facilitators and partners) and to actively contribute to the development of a new stage, a new era for event communication, based on innovation and performance. “

UNICEO® Congress is organized in partnership with key players in business and event tourism, international organizations and partners.

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