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Uzakrota Travel Summit goes to Athens

Over 120 Greek and Turkish tourism professionals are expected to attend the Uzakrota Travel Summit, which will be held for the first time in Athens, Greece, on September 28. The Uzakrota Travel Summit is a leading tourism event in Turkey and organized by Uzakrota, a Turkish travel industry news website.

Titled “Uzakrota Aegean Travel Talks 2018”, the event will be held at The Cube in Athens.

Issues to be touched at the summit will include “How to make a digital transition in the tourism field”, “Tourism in Greece and Turkey”, “The importance of SEO, of Digital Marketing and Content”, “PR and Destination Marketing” and “Additional Income in Tourism”.

According to organizer Uzakrota, the travel summit in Athens will aim to bring together leading Turkish and Greek travel agencies, travel technology companies, hotels, and bloggers.

Speakers at the event in Athens will include Ioanna Papadopoulou, Athens International Airport, Communications & Marketing Director; Niki Smirni, Travelgems, Chief Executive Officer; Alp Yavuzeser, Turkish Airlines, Greece, General Manager; Erkan Aslantaş, Tourism Korea, Turkey, Balkan, Greece, Ukraine, Azerbaijan Marketing Manager; Dündar Özdemir, Wirecard, Turkey Chief Executive Officer; HIS Greece Director, Cihat Karakoyun; Marcin Wesołowski, Bidroom, Chief Commercial Officer; Tuğba Atay, Hepstar Turkey, Europe and APAC, Head of Business Development / GM Turkey; and Özgür Gen, RentnConnect, Chief Executive Officer.

The “Uzakrota Aegean Travel Talks 2018” in Athens will be held prior to the summit’s main event on November 30 in Turkey, which will see some 2,500 participants at the Conference Center of the Hilton in Istanbul.

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