Sharon Stone with her painting

Welcome to My Garden’: Sharon Stone’s Art Debuts on East Coast

The C. Parker Gallery is currently hosting the East Coast premiere of Sharon Stone’s paintings, a much-anticipated exhibition titled “Sharon Stone: Welcome to My Garden.

Originally set to conclude earlier, the show has been extended due to popular demand and will now run until February 20th.

This exhibition features a collection of 19 paintings, marking the first time Stone’s artwork is displayed outside of Los Angeles. Stone’s approach to art is deeply personal and introspective. “I created these works to understand the essence of pure creativity that comes from heartfelt truth, to let go of the noise, the judgments, and the societal pulls,” Stone explains. This artistic venture highlights her journey into the realms of color and emotion, showcasing her unique perspective and inner world.

Renowned for her global cultural impact, Stone’s accolades are numerous and include significant honors such as the Women Making History Award, the Einstein Spirit of Achievement Award, and the Nobel Peace Summit Award Laureate. In addition, she has been recognized with a Golden Globe Award, a Prime-time Emmy Award, an Academy Award Nomination, and numerous humanitarian awards, including the recent Global Citizen of the Year at the 2023 United Nations UNCA Awards.

Sharon stone poses with her paintings

The paintings in the exhibition reveal Stone’s acute powers of observation and her ability to transform human experiences into artistic expression. Her connection to nature and color is a recurring theme. “Color becomes a wavelength for me,” Stone says.

“Being a colorist moves the directions of my paintings. Color speaks to me.” These words encapsulate her journey in art, which began in her childhood under the influence of her Aunt Vonne, a master in painting, and intensified during the pandemic when Stone dedicated up to 17 hours a day to painting.

Tiffany Benincasa, owner and curator of the C. Parker Gallery, expresses her honor in presenting Sharon Stone’s art. “This new exhibition offers a never-before-seen panorama into Sharon Stone’s creative prowess,” Benincasa says. The gallery, celebrating its tenth anniversary, is known for representing a wide range of traditional and contemporary artists and has been recognized with the Best of Greenwich Award and Best of the Gold Coast Award.

Tiffany Benincasa of C. Parker Gallery with Sharon Stone
Tiffany Benincasa of C. Parker Gallery with Sharon Stone at the opening of Sharon Stone: Welcome To My Garden on view now until Dec. 3 (Photo by ChiChi Ubina).

Located at 409 Greenwich Avenue, just a short train ride from New York City, the C. Parker Gallery invites visitors to experience Stone’s vibrant landscapes and emotional depth through her art. This exhibition not only showcases Stone’s versatility as an artist but also offers a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to engage with her imaginative world.

The East Coast premiere of Sharon Stone’s paintings at the C. Parker Gallery is more than an art show; it’s a celebration of creativity, resilience, and the power of personal expression. It’s a testament to the multifaceted talents of Sharon Stone, who continues to inspire and captivate audiences, whether on screen or canvas.

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