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1.87 Million Visited Turkiye in February 2023

A total of 1.87 million tourists visited Türkiye in February 2023, a rise of 21.35% from last year, according to official data released on Friday.

February figures stood at 1.54 million in 2022 and nearly 538,000 in 2021, said Türkiye’s Culture and Tourism Ministry.

Istanbul, Türkiye’s largest city by population, was on top of the list for foreign visitors, attracting 1.08 million tourists.

It was followed by Edirne, a city in Türkiye’s northwest bordering Bulgaria and Greece, with 222,554 visitors and the resort town of Antalya welcomed 196,492 tourists.

At 1.87 million, Russians made up 12.17% of all visitors, followed by Bulgarians at nearly 151,000, Germans nearly 149,000, Iranians 113,000, and Georgians at 104,000.

January – February 2023

Turkiye hosted 3 million 876 thousand 381 foreign visitors in the first two months of 2023. The rate of increase in the two-month period was 37.31 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

According to the data of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Russian Federation became the country that sent the most visitors to Turkiye in the January-February period with an increase of 105.99 percent.

Bulgaria took the second place with an increase of 33.19 percent, and Germany took the third place with an increase of 24.6 percent. Iran and Georgia were also among the countries sending the most visitors to Turkiye, respectively.

In the first two months, 507,513 people from Russia, 318,011 people from Bulgaria and 288,124 people from Germany were hosted.

Source: AA, Culture & Tourism Ministry

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