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2.6M Foreign Tourists Arrived in April 2022

Turkiye saw 2.6 million foreign tourist arrivals in April, more than triple from a year ago, according to official figures revealed on Monday.

Despite surging 225.6% year-on-year, April’s figure did not overtake its pre-coronavirus level in 2019, the Culture and Tourism Ministry data showed.

Istanbul, Turkiye’s largest city by population and a top tourist draw, welcomed 40% of all foreign visitors, or nearly 1 million in April.

It was followed by the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya with 661,609 foreign tourists and Edirne in northwestern Turkiye, which borders both Bulgaria and Greece, with 359,303 foreign visitors.

As for the nationalities of foreign tourists, Germany took the first place with 15.4% – nearly 400,000 visitors – over the same period, followed by Bulgaria (10.5% or 271,000) and the UK (8.8% or 225,000 ).


Total Number of Foreign Tourists Visiting Turkiye by Months and Years
JANUARY1.787.435 509.7871.281.666-71,48151,41
FEBRUARY1.733.112 537.9761.541.393-68,96186,52
MARCH 718.097 905.3232.079.56526,07129,70
APRIL 24.238 790.6872.574.4233162,18225,59
MAY 29.829 936.282 3038,83 
JUNE 214.7682.047.596 853,40 
JULY 932.9274.360.952 367,45 
AUGUST1.814.7013.982.168 119,44 
SEPTEMBER2.203.4823.513.453 59,45 
OCTOBER1.742.3033.471.540 99,25 
NOVEMBER 833.9911.763.982 111,51 
DECEMBER 699.3301.892.520 170,62 
TOTAL12.734.21324.712.266 94,06 
4 MONTHS TOTAL4.262.8822.743.7737 477 047-35,64172,51
(*): 2022 provincial data    


Source: AA

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