Antalya Surpasses 15 Million Tourist Landmark Amidst Rising Tourism Revenue


Antalya, a prime destination for visitors, has reached a milestone, surpassing 15 million tourists.

Despite global setbacks, including earthquakes and regional conflicts, Turkey has seen a significant uptick in tourism revenue, with a 9-month figure reaching $42 billion and an annual target of $55.6 billion within sight. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given the series of crises Turkey has faced, from the Thomas Cook collapse to the pandemic, and geopolitical tensions in neighboring regions.

The Turkish government attributes this success to strategic tourism policies, highlighting an impressive increase in average nightly spending per person from $67 to $100. The establishment of the Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency in 2019 has played a crucial role, enhancing Turkey’s global presence in over 200 countries, thereby attracting more visitors and increasing revenues.

Efforts to spread tourism across all seasons and incorporate more cities into the tourism map are ongoing, reflecting the country’s invaluable tourism potential, which the government insists is far from fully tapped.  (AA)

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