Dedeman Mersin signing ceremony

Dedeman Announces New Hotel in Mersin

Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International, aiming to be present in 81 provinces of Turkiye with its 9 brands, announced its first hotel project in 2023.

A management contract was signed for Dedeman Mersin Yenişehir at the signing ceremony held in Dedeman Bostancı on January 6 between Dedeman Turizm Yönetim A.Ş and Victor Hotels Turizm İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Scheduled to open in 2026, Dedeman Mersin Yenişehir will serve domestic and foreign guests visiting the region with its 120 rooms, 1000-person ballroom, 380 m² lobby, spa with extensive facilities, sky pool and restaurant on the roof.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Victor Hotels Chairman of the Board İdris Rojhat Balkan said, “Mersin has a very colorful and multi-character demographic just like Istanbul. Our city is a port and tourism city. It is also the largest logistics center connecting the world. Therefore, we are very open to development; We are a region ready for serious investments, especially in tourism. In this respect, I find the presence of the Dedeman brand in our city very valuable. We are a company in the top 200 according to the Fortune list, and we have operated in 7 different sectors so far. With this project, we are entering our eighth field of activity.”

President and CEO of Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International said, “In addition to our Dedeman and Park Dedeman brands; We rapidly expanded our chain with our 7 new brands that we launched in 2022, new hotels we opened and new hotel contracts we signed.

Now, we are hosting our guests with Dedeman Hospitality with a total of 3,229 rooms and 6,345 beds in our 21 hotels including the recently opened one in Cizre and in Kayseri, which we will open on January 14. Moreover, we aim to wave the Dedeman flag in 81 provinces of our country.

Today, we continue our growth journey with Mersin. Mersin impresses with its nature as well as its history, and, its 321 km coastline. Mersin International Port, which meets a significant part of Turkey’s export volume, has a special importance in terms of industrial and commercial power with Mersin Free Zone, which is the second largest free zone of our country. The “Çukurova Regional Airport” that will be opened in 2023 will add value not only to Mersin but also to the entire region. I wish that our hotel, which we believe will increase the potential of Mersin, will be beneficial to our country and Turkish tourism.”


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