European Vitreoretinal Society Meeting

Eye on the Future: European Vitreoretinal Society Convenes in Cappadocia After Pandemic Pause

After a three-year gap due to the pandemic, the 20th European Vitreoretinal Society (EVRS) Meeting is set to make a grand return to Cappadocia, one of Turkey’s most popular and historically rich tourist destinations.

With a current membership exceeding 1,400, this year’s EVRS congress theme will focus on “Combined Retinal Surgeries and Advancements in Medical Retina and Imaging.” The conference aims to discuss scientific advancements and novel surgical techniques in the fields of retinal, cataract, and glaucoma surgery. Renowned vitreoretinal surgeons from various countries will share live surgical procedures with attendees, offering real-time discussions during the operations.

Global Online Broadcast

Managed by board members including Turkey’s Prof. Dr. Şengül Özdek and Prof. Dr. Nur Acar Göçgil, the conference is one of the ophthalmic world’s largest events. Representatives from Italy, the UK, the USA, Egypt, and the Czech Republic, among others, will join the conference, which will also be broadcast live online in English for global participants.

Over 300 Speakers from 53 Countries to Share Insights

The four-day conference will feature over 60 sessions with more than 300 speakers from 53 different countries sharing their experiences and expertise. Participants will discuss advancements in surgical experience during the extensive array of sessions.

Apart from the knowledge transfer, attendees will have the unique opportunity to experience the breathtaking natural beauty of Cappadocia, including its stunning valleys, “fairy chimneys,” rock-carved settlements, open-air museums, and underground cities.

The conference not only promises to be a powerhouse of ophthalmic knowledge but also a unique cultural immersion, making it a must-attend event for the global ophthalmic community.

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