Drug Bust at an Avcılar Hotel

Istanbul’s Vigilance: A Significant Drug Bust at an Avcılar Hotel

In a significant crackdown on drug trafficking, the Public Security Bureau teams of the Avcılar Police Department in Istanbul, Turkey, sprang into action following a crucial tip-off.

Istanbul’s Avcılar district on the European side of the city is a place usually noted for its vibrant atmosphere and cultural richness. has recently demonstrated the city’s unwavering commitment to law enforcement and public safety following a substantial drug bust at a local hotel.

The operation was centered around a hotel located along the D-100 Highway in the Gümüşpala Neighborhood of Avcılar, a district on the European side of Istanbul.

Unearthing a Hidden Stash

Armed with a search warrant from the prosecutor’s office, the police meticulously combed through three rooms in the hotel, uncovering a substantial cache of illegal drugs and related paraphernalia. The haul included 3 kilograms and 105 grams of methamphetamine, 84 pieces of 1-gram cannabis, 25 ecstasy pills, 12 lyrica pills, an unlicensed firearm with a magazine containing 15 rounds, 2 precision scales, and a significant sum of 56,100 Turkish Lira in cash.

Apprehensions and Investigations

The operation led to the arrest of three suspects, identified by their initials as K.A., M.Z.Y., and E.O. With the suspects now in custody, the authorities have launched a comprehensive investigation to dismantle the drug trafficking network and bring all involved parties to justice.

This successful operation in Istanbul’s Avcılar district underscores the Turkish police force’s unwavering commitment to combating drug trafficking and maintaining public safety. The authorities are sending a clear message that drug-related activities will not be tolerated, and they remain vigilant in their efforts to eradicate such illegal operations. The investigation is ongoing, and further updates are expected as the situation unfolds. (Sozcu)

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