Red Bull Car Park Drift

Istanbul to Host Red Bull Car Park Drift World Final in September

The final stage of the 2019 Red Bull International Car Park Drift, a global drifting motorsport championship, will be held at the Maltepe Coast Event Area on September 1 in collaboration with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and the event’s main sponsor, Red Bull.

All Istanbulites are invited to the event, where legendary names will carry out breathtaking performances on their cars.

A total of 20 pilots will take part in the final, which will start at 13:00, and the fastest racers will compete on powerful cars. Over 20,000 spectators are expected to watch the exciting event, which will start at 13:00 and will be free of charge.

Michael Whiddett, known to drift-lovers also as “Mad Mike”, and Aleksandr Grinchuk will be in the judge’s seat, and Turkey will be represented by Fahimreza Keykhosravi, Ali İnal, and İbrahim Yücebaş.

Pilots ranking highest in the country finals held in Kuwait, Egypt, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Algeria, Mauritius, Tunisia, Morocco, Georgia, Turkey (Kocaeli-Körfez) and Jordan will be competing in the Red Bull Car Park Drift World Final.

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IMM will support the event by providing the necessary technical and professional services. Precautions will be taken during the event to avoid congestion in the parking lot. Ambulances and medical teams will be deployed for possible emergencies.

The Red Bull Car Park Drift has been organized since 2008 and is accredited by the International Automobile Federation (IAF).

Source: IBB

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