Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to host Airport Startup Day on Oct. 17

Organized by TAV Airports and Groupe ADP, the world’s largest airport operation platform, Airport Startup Day will bring together initiatives from the transportation and aviation industries in Turkey and France.

15 initiatives to participate in the Turkish leg of the event on October 17 have been determined by an international jury. Furthermore, RebelRoam and Further Network, the two companies selected by the jury from Turkey, participate in the event to be held in Paris on October 15. Additionally, two companies from France will participate in the event to be held in Izmir.

Four initiatives will be rewarded according to the votes of passengers and visitors, besides the assessments of the jury.

Selected start-ups for Izmir

ONES Technology has developed biometric and card-based security solution infrastructure, which supplies top security solutions in a single system.

KODECO, a company established in Izmir, tries to improve future transportation solutions with smart and ecofriendly mobility technologies. Completing its solar-power vehicle project, the company also works on autonomous vehicles.

AYVOS develops image processing software and automation systems based on machine learning, virtual networks, and deep learning.

BEAD offers an AI-based system that optimizes energy management, marketing strategies, and operations through real-time.

Bewell Technology; a company established in Eskişehir, specializes in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, data mining, data flow monitoring, and management and works on solutions to optimize work processes from different disciplines.

Rent ‘n Connect, which has offices in London, Berlin, and Istanbul, is a travel technology company that provides a pocket Wi-Fi device and additional services for travelers.

inMapper offers an interactive indoor map platform for large buildings such as airports, malls, offices.

SADELABS leverages wireless network technologies and empowers clients to digitally transform their businesses with the Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Skysens is a technology company established in 2015 strongly focused on industry-oriented wireless IoT solutions.

Delta Smart Technologies, a company established in Izmir, has developed smart car park management for smart cities, smart incident management, and KidsBus school bus management solutions.

Specialized in a field such as call centers, real-time customer satisfaction measurement, Emse, a company established in Ankara, enhances the travel experience by exclusive solutions developed for the aviation sector.

Working on activity recognition and human behavior analysis, Xena Vision offers security technologies of the future with its smart emergency recognition system.

Developed by Redhorizon, AvioVR is a virtual reality assisted flight phobia therapy program. Conducted by clinical psychologists, AvioVR provides rapid and permanent treatment for flight anxiety.

Bagaj provides locker service managed through mobile phones.

Canbay Systems specializes in AI solutions in the aviation industry.

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