Medicopin Targets to Expand in Turkish Healthcare Market

With its unique features, the most advanced communication and medical archive platform is in Turkey with Turkish language option and Turkish speaking support team. is a new international online medical communication platform with two major services.

While Medicopin is a revolutionary second opinion service provider that combines cutting-edge medical expertise with the latest secure communication technology and provides users with online access to world-class U.S. physicians, Medihis brings up the opportunity of creating an online and always accessible medical archive. also offers a range of benefits within its Medihis service that are geared to preventive care, early detection and emergency situations.

Medicopin service brings the best U. S. specialists to your home. All of its doctors are leaders in their fields, with the knowledge that comes with long experience. This means that you’re not only assured of receiving an accurate diagnosis, but also recommendations for the most advanced, proven treatments available in the world today, regardless of your location. As a trusted and highly regarded healthcare service, Medicopin combines outstanding medical expertise with a deep concern for the comfort and privacy of patients. Doctors communicate with patients through our secure website via a personalized recorded video or face-to-face video conference. All video- conference sessions are recorded and can be reviewed later at any time by users.

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