More Than 1m German Tourists in Antalya, Record House Sale to Foreigners


The famed Turkish resort city of Antalya has welcomed more than a million German tourists so far this year.

According to Recep Yavuz, head of the Antalya City Council Tourism Working Group,  said, “In the first six months of this year, 955,000 German tourists visited Antalya. As of the first week of July, the number of German tourists exceeded 1 million.”

The news meant that for the first time in five years, German tourist arrivals overtook Russians, which used to make up the largest chunk of foreign visitors.

More than 3 million German tourists are expected to visit the Turkish Riviera resort this year, he added.

Along with its stunning beaches and natural beauty, Türkiye’s tourist hub Antalya’s popularity also rises among foreign home buyers.

1.885 Houses sold to foreigners in Antalya – May 2022

While a total of 6,732 houses were sold in Antalya in May 2022, 1885 of these houses were sold to foreigners.

While Antalya was the province with the highest share in housing sales to foreigners with 24.3% in April, it increased this share to 28 percent in May.

On the other hand, when we look at the Housing Sale Market Outlook report announced by Bahçeşehir University Economic and Social Research Center (BETAM) for April 2022, it is seen that a 100 square meter house in Antalya exceeds 1.1 million TL.

According to the report, as of April 2022, the average price of a house of 100 square meters across the country is 972 thousand TL, while in Antalya this amount is 1 million 163 thousand 800 TL.

This amount in Antalya was 1 million TL in March 2022.

Source: AA, Sozcu

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