SunExpress Can Empty Middle Seat with A Fee

Leisure carrier SunExpress, a joint venture of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, is now offering a vacant middle seat option to passengers for a small additional fee.

The offer applies to all connections in the SunExpress route network. The vacant middle seat option starts from 59,99 TL on domestic routes and 39,99 euro on international routes.

“In times of the coronavirus pandemic, space is a major concern for many of our customers,” says Peter Glade, CCO at SunExpress.

“In recent weeks, our guests have frequently expressed the wish for a guaranteed empty middle seat. We are, therefore, all the more pleased to be able to offer customers this extra service in the future.”

Customers can book the vacant middle seat directly with their reservation via the SunExpress Customer Service Center.

 For existing reservations, an empty middle seat booking is possible up to three days before departure through the SunExpress telephone customer service.

Customers need to have the six-digit code of the booking at hand.

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