SunExpress launches its news winter schedule

SunExpress, a joint venture between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, is offering 1.2 million seats on domestic routes during the 2019/20 winter season, which is slightly more than the same period last year.

SunExpress will offer flights to seven destinations from Antalya and 12 destinations from Izmir on domestic routes within the scope of its winter schedule starting October 31.

SunExpress, which connects Antalya and İzmir to the highest number of destinations with direct flights both on domestic and international routes, is increasing the number of weekly flights between Antalya and Izmir to four this winter, offering more flexibility to its passengers.

Further strengthening its strong position at its hub Antalya, SunExpress is increasing the number of flights from Antalya on both domestic and international routes. SunExpress will operate three flights a week from Antalya to Trabzon and Samsun during the winter season and is boosting its flights between Antalya and Adana to two per day.

Having increased its daily flights from Antalya to Düsseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart, SunExpress will now offer six flights a week to Vienna, the capital of Austria. Offering attractive weekend flights from Antalya to Basel and Zurich, the airline will also offer flights to Paris, the world’s most popular tourist destination, every Saturday during the winter season. SunExpress, which will fly twice a week to Copenhagen starting in February, will also offer weekly flights to Billund, known as the home of Legoland, a great holiday destination for families with children.

Capacity and frequency increase in Izmir flights, new routes

SunExpress is increasing the number of daily flights between Izmir and Adana to three and will offer flexibility with its attractive morning and evening flights from Izmir to Diyarbakır and Gaziantep to travelers, especially for those on daytrips. Its weekly flights from Izmir to Malatya, Kars and Erzurum will increase to four, Trabzon to five and Samsun to four.

On international routes, during the winter season SunExpress will boost the number of flights to Berlin and Hamburg as well as daily flights to Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart departing from Izmir. The airline will also fly its new route from Izmir to Nuremberg once a week. SunExpress, which operates three flights a week from Izmir to Amsterdam, is also increasing its weekly flights to Vienna to three. From February, the airline will begin offering weekly flights to Europe’s popular capitals: Saturday to Paris and Copenhagen and Sunday to Brussels.

Growth in Anatolia-Europe flights

SunExpress will increase the number of flights from Ankara during the winter season, while adding new destinations. As part of the new winter schedule, the airline will offer daily flights from Ankara to Munich, five times a week to Düsseldorf and Frankfurt and twice a week Stuttgart. It will also begin weekly flights to Amsterdam and Cologne for the first time.

The first and only airline to fly international routes with scheduled and direct flights from Diyarbakir, SunExpress will continue to connect Diyarbakir to Düsseldorf and Hanover this winter. For the first time, SunExpress will start offering weekly direct flights this winter from Elazığ to Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. SunExpress, which will maintain its Samsun-to-Stuttgart flights this winter, will also continue to offer attractive connections from Adana, Gaziantep, Diyarbakır and Kayseri to several destinations on the SunExpress network via Izmir and Antalya.

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