Top Hackers compete at the HackIstanbul 2018 in Istanbul

Turkey is hosting a worldwide extraordinary contest for hackers. Hackers from more than 130 countries will show their skills at the HackIstanbul 2018 Capture the Flag contest.

HackIstanbul 2018 Capture the Flag contest will be organized at the Turkey’s first aerospace and technology festival “Teknofest Istanbul”. HackIstanbul 2018 CTF contest is expected to welcome thousands of hackers to Istanbul on September 22.

The hackers contest is already started beginning of September and the top 10 teams who succeed the CTF will be invited to Istanbul for the grand final stage that will be hosted at Istanbul’s New Airport on September 22nd.

The hackers will test their skills on the Anti Drone Command & Control Center Cyber Security Test System under development by ASELSAN. The winning team will be awarded US$15.000 grand prize, while the 2nd best team will be awarded US$10.000 and the 3rd team will be awarded US$5.000. The winners will get their prizes from Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The contest will also be followed closely by the European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO) and Romania Science and Technology Ministry.

The 4-day festival will began on September 20 and will also include air shows, aviation demonstrations, technology competitions in 12 different categories, seminars on cutting-edge technology, and an international entrepreneurship summit among other activities.

Teknofest Istanbul is being organized by the Turkey Technology Team Foundation and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to promote and to showcase Turkey’s rapid technological advancement.

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