Ramesh Raj Kunwar

Tourism and Earthquake: A Case Study of Nepal and Turkey

ftnNEWS shares with you a case study written by Professor Dr. Ramesh Raj Kunwar and Bhawana Limbu, who research on tourism and earthquake in Nepal and Turkey.

Both countries experienced devastating earthquakes and tourism is an important source of revenue and employment. The case study presents how Turkish economy and tourism industry survive from the negative impact of its 1999 earthquake.

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) submitted a Nepal Tourism Rapid Recovery Taskforce Report and Recommendations (2015: 31-32) to the Nepal Tourism Board. PATA Chapter Nepal has reproduced the recommendations. You will find details about those at the case study. Click here to read the case study by Professor Dr. Ramesh Raj Kunwar and Bhawana Limbu.

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