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Travel destination ideas with Turkish Airlines on Monocle

The global airline and the international lifestyle publication have launched two special projects – “Emerging Cities” on the printed magazine and “The Voyager” on the UK based Monocle 24 radio station will allow travelers to discover the newest, worth-discovering and most dynamic destinations worldwide.

Turkish Airlines and Monocle, two global brands, have joined forces in order to deliver travelers with a cutting-edge guide to the top 20 dynamic cities and to the top 20 emerging destinations, by launching a new radio program called “The Voyager” on Monocle 24 radio station and publishing a series of articles under the theme of “Emerging Cities” on Monocle Magazine.

The new “The Voyager” radio program will focus on 20 dynamic cities, discoverable thanks to the Turkish Airlines global network of connections. Monocle editors and correspondents will record a series of broadcasts on-site from destinations such as Guangzhou, Antalya, Casablanca and Sarajevo, outlining the best hospitality hotspots, cultural practices, retail spaces, food scenes and design denizens for time-poor travelers visiting for business or pleasure. People can listen to this special radio broadcast live or on podcast, on the online radio station, on or via iTunes and Soundcloud subscriptions. Turkish Airlines passengers can additionally access “The Voyager” radio program via the inflight entertainment system.

The “Emerging Cities” series of articles, instead, will focus on the 20 Turkish Airlines destinations that are expected to become important centers in the near future, by giving details in terms of travel, business opportunities and culture. The “Emerging Cities” series will be published in both Monocle Magazine and on Skylife, Turkish Airlines’ inflight publication.

Aiming to offer new customer experiences for its passengers in every day by adopting the motto “Widen Your World”, Turkish Airlines is proud to offer you “The Voyager” and “Emerging Cities” series in collaboration with Monocle.

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