Women's European Volleyball Championship

Türkiye Set to Host the 2026 CEV Women’s European Volleyball Championship Finals

Türkiye has been announced as the host for the final stages of the 2026 CEV Women’s European Volleyball Championship, a prestigious event in the world of international volleyball.

This significant revelation was made by the Turkish Volleyball Federation President, Mehmet Akif Ustundag, on public sports broadcaster TRT Spor on Tuesday.

The championship will be a co-hosted tournament, with a substantial number of matches, including the finals, semifinals, quarterfinals, and one group, scheduled to be played in Türkiye. “The finals, quarter(finals), a group… the semifinals” will all take place in Türkiye,” Ustundag confirmed.

He also mentioned that discussions are currently underway regarding the possibility of Türkiye hosting the 2027 world championship, showcasing the nation’s growing prominence in the international volleyball community.

Türkiye has established itself as a powerhouse in women’s volleyball, currently holding the top position in the world ranking. The Crescent Stars have had a triumphant journey this year, securing victory in the FIVB Nations League and the CEV EuroVolley. Their winning streak continued as they emerged victorious in all seven matches in Pool B, clinching the Olympic Qualifying Tournament this month.

This hosting opportunity is not just a testament to Türkiye’s organizational capabilities but also a reflection of the country’s dominant presence and continuous success in women’s volleyball on the global stage. The nation’s passion for the sport and the string of victories by the Crescent Stars are sure to make the 2026 CEV Women’s European Volleyball Championship a highly anticipated event, drawing attention from volleyball enthusiasts around the world.

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