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Türkiye to Respond to Slow EU & US Visa Issuance


Ankara will respond if Turkish citizens continue to face difficulties in acquiring visas for Europe and the US, the country’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Haber Global news broadcaster in the capital Ankara, Cavusoglu said Turkish citizens are waiting for months to get an appointment date from the US and some European countries.

“It is planned and deliberate,” he said.

Saying excuses like COVID-19 and others are “not realistic,” Cavusoglu added: “Necessary warnings will be made to the ambassadors of these countries at the beginning of September. If there is no improvement, then we will take countermeasures.”

Many Turkish citizens face visa problems such as an increased scrutiny of visa applications and months in waiting to get an appointment date.

Previously, the US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that difficulties such as the extension of waiting periods up to one year are not only in Türkiye, but that this is due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Source: AA

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