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Turkey Witnesses a Surge in Tourist Arrivals, Breaking August Record


According to the data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkey has been visited by 33,426,940 foreign and 3,327,206 overseas resident citizens until September this year. August saw a record-breaking 6.6 million visitors.

Comparing to the same period last year, there has been a 13.95% increase in the number of foreign visitors coming to Turkey in the eight-month period.

During this period, the countries sending the most visitors to Turkey were the Russian Federation with a 44.84% increase, totaling 4,351,254 people, followed by Germany with a 6.03% increase and 4,082,994 visitors, and the United Kingdom with a 12.36% increase, bringing 2,652,188 visitors. These countries were followed by Bulgaria and Iran.

August Saw Most Visitors from Germany

In August, the number of foreign visitors to Turkey increased by 5.65% compared to the same month last year, reaching 6,660,700. Germany led the list of countries sending the most visitors in August.

In the ranking, compared to the same month of the previous year, Germany was first with a 1.52% increase and 871,270 people, Russia was second with a 5.68% increase and 852,640 people, and the United Kingdom was third with a 6.96% increase and 588,448 people. Iran and Poland followed in the ranking. (AA)

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