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Turkish Airports Handle 11.6M Passengers in April 2022


Turkish airports hosted about 11.6 million passengers in April, up 88.1% from last year, the country’s air travel authority has announced.

Some 5.4 million passengers took domestic flights last month, with 6.2 million going on international flights, the State Airports Authority General Directorate (DHMI) said on Sunday in a statement.

The figure was 73% of pre-virus levels in April 2019, it added.

Turkiye’s airports served 139,445 planes, including overflights, in April. Of these, 61,230 were on domestic routes and 47,304 on international ones.

The directorate also said cargo traffic last month rose to 299,829 tons, up 28.8% on an annual basis.

Istanbul Airport hosted more than 4.5 million passengers on both international and domestic routes and served 31,874 airplanes throughout the month.

A total of 4,452,141 passengers were served at this airport in April, with 1,075,345 on domestic flights and 3,376,796 on international lines.

At Istanbul Atatürk Airport, where general aviation activities continue, there was 2,138 aircraft traffic in April. Thus, a total of 34,012 aircraft traffic took place at these two airports.

In January-April, the number of passengers that went through Turkiye’s airports, including transit passengers, jumped 72.9% year-on-year to 41.3 million.

Plane traffic, including overflights, stood at 477,831 in the first four months of the year, while air cargo traffic was at over 1.1 million tons.

A total of 113,750 aircraft, 28,889 on domestic flights and 84,861 on international lines, in a four-month period at Istanbul Airport; A total of 15,866.371 passenger traffic was realized, of which 3.998.848 on domestic lines and 11.867.523 on international lines.

This number was 8,750 aircraft traffic at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. A total of 122,500 aircraft traffic took place at the two airports in the same period.

Source: AA

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