Basak Demirci painting

Turkish painter’s works decorate walls of hotels and hospitals

Istanbul born Başak Demirci is a Turkish painter based in Bodrum, Turkey. Her paintings decorate walls of hospitals and boutique hotels and she wants to work for more companies.

Demirci attended the Department of Painting at Mimar Sinan University and completed her education at Prof. Kemal İskender’s atelier. Demirci also learned about wall painting at Fresk Atelier. After graduating from the university, she took lessons about Graphic Design in Laseele Education Center. She also engaged in book cover design and graphic works at İnkılap Bookstore.

The artist continues her original painting works in her own atelier in Gümüslük Dereköy in Bodrum for the last 15 years. Başak Demirci is taking inspiration from the nature of colors while working on her garden. “As we know, painting is the first artworks of the humankind and I am at the beginning of this art journey,” she says. In this journey, she is tracking art of various periods of history and geographies.

İf you want to be involved in these paintings’ magic world, you can visit Basak’s atelier and you can also order a painting that reflects your dreams like a mirror at this art painting.

Basak Demirci painting exhibition

A Greenpeace activist, Başak Demirci exhibits her paintings for the Greenpeace Organization. Her paintings also meet with art lovers at Private Bodrum Hospital (American Hospital), some boutique hotels and various workplaces.

If you are interested, you can get in touch with Basak Demirci via Facebook, Instagram or by phone+90 535 329 45 11

Past Exhibitions

basak demirci painting2001 Alumni Exhibition- Mimar Sinan Faculty

3-23 October 2002- Bahariye Art Gallery (personal exhibition)

12 June-12 July 2003- Amasya State Fine Art Gallery

25 April-10 May 2004- Amasya State Fine Art Gallery

1 July-15 July 2005- Bodrum State Fine Art Gallery

5-20 February 2006-Yalikavak D-Marin Bodrum

6-20 July 2007-Abra Art Gallery Şişli-İstanbul

10-25 September 2007 – Chamber of public accountants of İstanbul Art Gallery-Beyoğlu (for Greenpeace)

2-14 March 2009- Chamber of Public Accountants of İstanbul Art Gallery-Beyoğlu (for Greenpeace org.)

15-25 September 2011- Chamber of public accountants of İstanbul Art Gallery-Beyoğlu

31 August 2018- Costa Farilya Hotel Art Gallery Bodrum (group exhibition)

30 August 2018-İstanbul Caddebostan (group exhibition)

15-24 September 2018-Turgutreis D-Marin Yacht Club (group exhibition)

1-30 June 2019-Trump Tower Art Gallery İstanbul (group exhibition)

4-13 July 2019-Turgutreis D-Marin Yacht Club (group exhibition)

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