Champions League Finals Exhibit

UEFA Champions League Finals Exhibit at Turkish Airlines Business Lounge

The UEFA Champions League Finals exhibit is open in the exhibit area of the Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge at İstanbul Airport.

With the items chronologically displayed, the exhibit starts with the legendary Milan-Liverpool finale in İstanbul during 2005, which was dubbed “Miracle of Istanbul.”

It then continues until 2023, which includes 18 finalists with numerous items about them. A huge model of the Turkish Airlines’ UEFA Champions League themed Airbus A330 type aircraft is also displayed in the center of the exhibit.

In the exhibit, jerseys, shorts, cleats, goalkeeper gloves and captain’s armbands worn by significant players such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Karim Benzema, Iker Casillas, Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Carles Puyol, Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard, Arjen Robben, Sadio Mane, Gareth Bale, Gonzalo Higuain and Thibaut Courtois are displayed.

There are also souvenirs from the finals such as a referee jersey, flag, football and tickets. Highlights from these 18 finals played since 2005 are shown in each final’s exhibit area for visitors’ enjoyment.

Turkish Airlines, the best airline in Europe, also presented its new Business Class seats with a console play area that includes the FIFA 23 video game.

Turkish Airlines Chief Marketing Officer, Ahmet Olmuştur stated during the opening ceremony, “We are happy to be the first airline sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, one the world’s biggest and most prestigious sports organizations. We are also excited that the winner of the Champions League will be decided in İstanbul once again after the 2005 finals which has been a fond memory of football lovers ever since. I believe football fans will enjoy the exhibit which shows the journey that started in İstanbul back in 2005 and will end in İstanbul again in 2023 along with souvenirs which emphasized every step of the way. I am sure this year’s UEFA Champions League finale will take its place among the unforgettable matches.”

UEFA Sponsorship and Licensing Manager Guillaume Sabran stated, “UEFA Champions League Finals Exhibit perfectly encapsulates the passion and enjoyment of the past finals. As UEFA, we are proud to have the 2023 UEFA Champions League Final in İstanbul. This exhibit plays an important role for the final match in June 10 to be amongst the unforgettable matches of the cup’s history.”

Legendary football players

Steven Gerrard, Cafu and Ronaldinho visited the exhibit a couple of days before the opening. As the captain of Liverpool during the legendary finale match of 2005, Steven Gerrard said: “As the captain of Liverpool, I lifted the cup following the legendary final in 2005 which we performed the ‘Miracle of İstanbul.’ I am happy to be in the magical city of İstanbul again after approximately 18 years. I would like to state that I am proud to collaborate with a global brand like Turkish Airlines.”

Cafu stated, “Although we weren’t able to win the cup in the 2005 final in İstanbul, we were on the winning side during 2007. I love this city and believe that we will witness an unforgettable final this year in İstanbul. I really liked the exhibit and extend my thanks to Turkish Airlines and UEFA officials.”

Famous Brazilian star Ronaldinho expressed: “I visited the UEFA Champions League Finals exhibit in Turkish Airlines Business Lounge before the opening. The exhibit also features my 2006 uniform that I wore during the final we won against Arsenal. I am eager to watch the final which will take place in İstanbul during June.”


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