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5 things to do to burn time on long commutes

Nothing may exhaust you as much as a long commute. It may feel like a waste of time to be driving or traveling when that time could be used for something else.

Even worse, a long journey can leave you drained and unable to concentrate before you arrive at the office.

Commuting can be tough, especially if you’ve just graduated and are trying to make the most of your time. You can either learn a new language, play at a casino, read a book, etc.

Learn A New Language

Listening to language learning materials is a great way to make your commute more productive. For most of us,  there are languages ​​we want to learn but haven’t yet learned.

Before my trip to Mexico, I listened endlessly to  YouTube videos focused on learning Spanish words and phrases. You can’t see and record the spelling when you’re driving,  but this is a great way to work on your vocabulary and pronunciation in another language.  If you want to go deep, you can buy audio courses from the App Store or Google Play Store, but there are plenty of very long and helpful YouTube videos to get you started in almost any language.


This is for weary souls using local transport. If you’re on a bus or train, you can’t type even when uncomfortably squeezed among other poor and shabby individuals. Write a poem, write a short story, start writing a memoir, or work on the next chapter of your novel. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just want to be productive during your commute, try to make the most of that time.

Writing can be a useful outlet, at least if you don’t always feel appreciated for your work.

If you decide to “write” while driving, you can try dictation software, but no type of digital dictation software can perfectly transcribe words, but if you don’t want to do a lot of formatting when writing, or just want to jot down some rough ideas, this might work.

Catching Up

It probably doesn’t hurt to warn friends and family and ask if they’re available for morning and evening chats, but if your cohort is also working, chances are they’re just as bored as you whilst traveling. Most of us have some kind of hands-free car kit these days, so we can also make the most of this feature.

It’s better for drivers out there. You might be able to do this on trains and buses, but only if it’s already standard in that vehicle for people to use phones. Most trains have rules against using phones, but some lines allow phone use and designate quiet carriages separately.

Prepare for Tomorrow

If you’re on public transport instead of behind the wheel, going through your to-do list for the next day can help you get ahead with your planning. This way, you can forget about your worries at night and be with your family and friends when you get home.


There’s no better way to pass the time on your commute than by meditating. Research shows that exercise can help you sleep better, reduce stress, and focus better. Apps like Calm and Headspace can help you learn basic techniques.


Nothing is more stressful than not having enough time to commute. Instead of walking to catch a train or rushing through traffic, spend more time on your journey than you need and go for a more relaxed journey. Yes, this might add a little extra time to your commute, but adding a little extra time can be a lot less stressful. No matter how long your commute takes, or how exactly you get to work, we’ve come up with a list of things that will help you keep busy and make the most of your time.

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