Alain St.Ange wins against the Government of Seychelles

Alain St.Ange wins a case against the Government of Seychelles

Alain St.Ange wins the case against the Government of Seychelles regarding sudden UNWTO endorsement withdrawal after a lengthy legal battle. 

St.Ange filed his case against the Government two years ago, following the abrupt revocation of his candidacy for the post of Secretary-General of the UNWTO by President Danny Faure just 36 hours prior to the elections. 

St.Ange, who campaigned tirelessly for the post, incurring huge financial losses in the process, was tipped to win the election.

The decision to withdraw his candidature was taken by the Government of Seychelles following pointed reminders by the African Union of their obligation to support the Zimbabwean candidate. The reminders comprised threats of possible economic sanctions against Seychelles if it did not revoke the nomination of St.Ange. The revocation was done despite the threats of sanction being known by the Government prior to and at the time of endorsement of St.Ange’s candidature, and even despite them being described as risks worth taking. 

The Court ruled in favor of St.Ange today, after a six-month wait for the judgment.

The Government raised many defenses and excuses as to why they should not be held liable to an ordinary citizen, including the act of state and national interest. 

Despite acknowledging St.Ange’s campaign efforts as rigorous and tireless, and that the Government had committed a fault in law and were liable to repair the same to St.Ange, the Court rejected most of his claims for compensation for moral and material damage under the various heads. He was awarded a small sum, which just about covered the costs of filing the case, to begin with, and denied costs. 

Upon the advice of his legal team, St.Ange shall be appealing today’s Judgment on quantum, given that the sum awarded is a poor reflection of the monetary expenses incurred by him during his campaign and the moral damage he endured following the sudden revocation of his candidature at the last possible moment.

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