Best Movies That Celebrate Big Women

Are you searching for the best movies that celebrate big women? The movie industry is replete with every kind of movie genre imaginable.

Most movie genres are all about entertainment: they tend to make us cry, laugh, or jump from a scare. However, a new category of movies seems to be making headway: this category celebrates big women.

Different movies nowadays feature women of different body shapes, ethnicities, and personalities. You will most likely find many big women here interested in dating men who love everything about them. Here are some of the best movies that celebrate big women:

Isn’t It Romantic – Rebel Wilson

The lead actress is Rebel Wilson, who came to the limelight in the ‘Perfect Pitch’ series. She’s also well known for pulling off her impressive character on ‘Bridesmaids’ released in 2011.

The movie is about Natalie (Rebel Wilson), a cynic regarding romance, love, and even fairy tales. She hates romantic movies passionately and believes that handsome and successful guys are not for her.

Everything changes when she has an accident and finds herself in an alternate universe where every individual thinks Natalie is highly attractive.

Just Wright – Queen Latifah

This movie is about a physical therapist, Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah), who lands her dream job. This dream job involved taking care of Scott McKnight (Common), a basketball player who has suffered a career-threatening or career-ending injury.

Everything goes incredibly well until the BBW discovers she is falling in love with McKnight. This was even despite his most recent break-up with Morgan (Paula Patton), Leslie’s god-sister.

Dumplin’ – Danielle Macdonald

Willowdean Dixon (Daniel Macdonald), also known as Dumplin’, is a daughter of a former beauty queen played by Jennifer Aniston.

Although Willowdean is a plus-size lady, she decides to sign up for the local beauty pageant in order to both honor her dearly-loved aunt and as a sign of protest.

Hairspray – Nikki Blonsky

Hairspray is based on a movie released in 1988 and a Broadway musical in 2002, all bearing the same name. The movie is about Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky), a Baltimore teenager in the ’60s. She has Link Larkin (Zac Efron) as her love interest.

Tracy pursues stardom or high status as a dancer on a local television show. She also rallied heavily against social segregation.

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser – Shannon Purser

Sierra Burgess (Shannon Purser) is an unpopular high school student who starts chatting online with jock Jamey (Noah Centineo). The jock believes that Sierra is actually the cheerleader Veronica (Kristine Forseth). Sierra doesn’t think to correct his error and plays along.

Somehow, there is a weird turn of events, and Sierra and Veronica end up striking a deal: Sierra will spend time tutoring her, and Veronica will, in exchange, help Sierra keep up the charade. She even agrees to meet up with Jamey.

Last Holiday – Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah plays a woman who suddenly discovers that she is terminally ill. She withdraws every dime of her savings and hits the road, traveling for a few weeks.

While she is away, she suddenly realizes that she still misses Sean Matthews (LL Cool J), her longtime crush, despite how thrilling and exciting her new adventure was.

Phat Girlz – Mo’Nique

Mo’Nique portrayed the character of a fashion designer who struggles to find eager and willing financial backers for her plus-size clothing brand/line.

However, everything changes when she eventually meets the man of her dreams.

Muriel’s Wedding – Toni Collette

Muriel Heslop’s (Toni Collette) life-long ambition is to get married, despite never having gone on any date. She is painfully ostracized by her friends and eventually gets a new friend Rhonda Epinstalk (Rachel Griffiths).

These two leave the small Australian town they’ve called home for years and move to Sydney. Muriel sincerely believes that changing her name and location will enable her to find the true love she seeks.


These are a few of the best movies that celebrate big women. Therefore, if you are big and self-conscious, take solace in the simple fact that big women like you are making moves, succeeding, and breaking barriers in every field. Besides, as Mika sings it loudly, big girl you are beautiful!

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