BGaming highlight a number of significant trends for the crypto gambling industry

The iGaming industry has continued to experience a large amount of growth in recent years, with it being argued that there does not seem to be an end to the potential level that could be enjoyed in the future.

Indeed, the industry is growing at such a rapid pace, there will be many sectors that would perhaps be envious of the significant amount and rate that it is being enjoyed, too.

In regard to the number of opportunities to have been enjoyed recently, including the move into crypto gambling, up and coming developer, BGaming who are featured in over 700 online casinos and have over 70 titles available to play, decided to provide their thoughts on a number of the trends that they had started to notice to happen and why they have influenced the entire industry in the way that they have.

Let’s take a look at just some of the most significant trends that they highlighted and why they have been pointed out:

Provably Fair Games

One of the main factors that they highlight was in regard to provably fair games and the impact that they have had on the industry since they were first released and introduced.

BGaming is one of the leaders in this particular field, and the technology involved has certainly proven to be a rather big success for those who enjoy gambling with cryptocurrency. The algorithm that is used for these games – which is based on cryptography – allows individuals who play these titles to be able to independently verify the fairness of the game by checking out the results.

BGaming was the first to launch this type of game in the industry, and they found that they helped to increase players’ loyalty to online casino games.

Speaking about the launch of provably fair games, Marina Ostrovtsova, Director at BGaming, stated: “BGaming’s Provably Fair system unites the best aspects from the existing alternatives. We wanted to offer something extra besides the games, and we were smart enough to adjust our system to the best user experience.”

Engaging Mechanics

BGaming had noted that the iGaming industry had continued to undergo constant evolution, which meant that they were forced to be as innovative and flexible as they could be when it came to releasing new titles to the market.

Of course, the growth experienced in the crypto sector of iGaming meant that there were new styles of games to have been created, including crash games. These games can be considered rather relatable for crypto holders, as the way that they can “crash” is similar to the way that price can due to its volatility.

There certainly appears to be some excitement from those at BGaming, as the CS Marketing Manager, Kate Puteiko, revealed: “We see that crypto projects are an integral part of online gambling. Space XY is not just a new popular crash game. It opens for us a whole new horizon of multiplayer mechanics games that will rock in upcoming years!”

Being as attractive but simple as possible

BGaming had also revealed that they needed to create a number of casino games that are simple to play but remain attractive enough to convince gamers to actually play them. The operator also highlighted that there was an additional benefit in doing this, as they suggested that gameplay experience could be improved as a simple interface would allow for the game to be faster to play and more accessible across a range of different devices.

Aleksey Ulanov, the Lead Designer at BGaming, stated: “Hypercasual style was invented by programmers who didn’t worry about design. At the same time, hypercasual games work well on slow phones and doesn’t require high Internet speed. It’s very suitable for quick games”.

BGaming knows the spotlight will be firmly on crypto casinos and their content

The developer noted that there would be importance and a focus on content for all crypto casinos in the immediate future, with BGaming stating that they are already working on a list of brand new games.

Alexandr Shavel, who is the Head of BizDev Department, revealed: “We’re working on a package of crypto dice games and will offer operators new versions of Plinko, Rocket Dice, Head & Tails. We strive to meet all the market tendencies, and we see that these products will be in demand.”

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