Ethiopia Welcomes the Year 2016

Ethiopia, with a population of 120 million, is set to usher in the year 2016 tomorrow, celebrating its New Year on either 11th or 12th September each year. All official institutions in the country will observe a holiday for the occasion.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, in his congratulatory message, highlighted the numerous challenges they overcame in the past year and extended his wishes for happiness to all Ethiopians in the upcoming year.

Marking the New Year’s commencement, the government also synchronized the complete filling of the Hedasi Dam, one of the nation’s most significant economic projects.

Termed “Enkutataş”, the first day of the year is recognized as the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the harvest period.

A Calendar 7 Years and 8 Months Behind

The Ethiopian calendar, which lags behind the Gregorian calendar by approximately 7 years and 8 months, is solar-based. Besides its religious significance, it is officially used for all administrative purposes by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia also employs a distinct time system. Instead of starting the day at 00:00, the Ethiopian day begins at 06:00. The day is divided into two 12-hour segments, with the first segment starting at 06:00 and the second at 18:00.

The Ethiopian calendar consists of 12 months, each with 30 days, followed by a 13th month that spans 5 to 6 days. According to this calendar, the New Year is celebrated on either 11th or 12th September. (AA)

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