Getting Ready for the Super Bowl? Follow this guide to have the most fun

The Super Bowl set for the 3rd of February is only a few weeks away. While the two teams that will battle it out for the championship have yet to be decided, it’s never too early to start planning for the big day. Here are some ideas to ensure you have loads of fun while watching the event.

Prepare some food

If you’re inviting guests to watch the game, preparing a few finger foods is always the best way to go. While pizza and chicken wings are the usual suspects, no one is stopping you from serving up lettuce wraps, onion rings, sliders, or potatoes – just to name a few.

Then again, you can always agree to have a potluck if you’re having people over. You can coordinate with guests on the food they are bringing to the viewing party to ensure different options.

The kind of food you decide to serve highly depends on where you are. If you’re living in the U.S., the game airs either late in the afternoon or at early in the night. Either way, finger food looks to be the most hassle-free option if you decide to feed your guests. Residents of other countries will have the broadcast in the morning – and on a working day – so maybe preparations aren’t necessary.

Have fun with the commercials

Apart from the game and the halftime performance – which will be courtesy of Maroon 5 – people also look forward to the commercials. Over the years, viewers have been treated to funny and heart-warming clips and Super Bowl LIII looks to follow the same path.

Since not everyone enjoys ads, why not turn the interruption into something fun? A look at past commercials reveals a trend: certain brands are always present and certain themes are always tackled. So why not dump all the commonalities into a bingo card and have fun with it?

Place bets

When it comes to sports, people just can’t help but place bets on certain outcomes from their phones. Will your team score a touchdown in the first few minutes of the game? Will someone get injured (a bit morbid but it is common in such a contact sport)? Who will make an error? Who will score the first touchdown? Will your team come away with the trophy?

Since the final two teams that will play during the Super Bowl is still being decided, it’s still too early to make an educated guess. It’s best to observe the playoffs first to make better decisions.

As it stands, eight teams remain; four from each division. Hoping to make it out of the AFC is one of these: the Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, and New England Patriots. On the other hand, the NFC features the Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams, and Dallas Cowboys. Observing the outcomes of the divisional playoffs can help you in making Super Bowl Betting predictions. There’s also nothing wrong in considering other projections and analysis to form your opinion.

Do more than just watch the halftime performance

Being asked to perform during halftime of the Super Bowl is a big deal to many artists. After all, millions of viewers tune in to watch this event so there’s pressure to put on a great performance. Many great artists have performed during the Super Bowl, including Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Justin Timberlake.

Since the event is an opportunity to show off an artist’s repertoire, you can turn the halftime performance into a guessing game. You can make guesses on what songs will make the set list or what the artist will do then see if any of your predictions came true.

Play a game of Super Bowl bingo

You will most likely want to be glued to the screen during the game. With this season being heavy on offense, you surely don’t want to miss a great goal-scoring play. While you don’t want to be disturbed, others who don’t quite understand football can have fun with what’s going on.

Once the final two teams have been decided, list down what you want to put on your bingo cards and hope that at least one of your predictions comes true. Take not that this doesn’t have to be entirely related to the game; you can predict some things that will happen during the broadcast, like a cameraman focusing on a pretty lady.

Follow updates on social media

Hashtags will surely be part of the game coverage so why not check in on what other people are saying? Football twitter can be really funny and you might even make new friends. Plus, if there’s a wonderful play that was executed or a funny moment, you can trust social media to provide a video clip of that.

The Super Bowl is an exciting event and preparing for it this early makes the viewing experience even better.

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