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Global Ad Market is Set to Hit $769.9 billion

Amid an intensifying race between companies to increase their advertising expenditure to boost profitability prospects, the global advertising market is set to reach $769.9 billion by 2024, an industry expert has pointed out.

“Advertising plays a vital role in communicating the value proposition of an organisation’s offering and influencing the buying behaviour of consumers. This is the reason why most companies around the world focus more on advertisements of their products and services,” said Fahed Aldeeb, Chief Executive Officer of Advert on Click (

Digital advertisement portal Advert on Click is a one-of-its-kind digital platforms that connects all stakeholders of the media industry from across the world.

“As much as digital media has grown, it is working with traditional media to continue the 360 degree media mix that marketers strive for. So, digital media has not replaced traditional media, but adds to it to complete the circle,” added the CEO of Advert on Click, which offers a new-age platform to showcase and promote advertising spaces and solutions of broadcast, print, online and OOH (out-of-home) players from all around the globe.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated clients’ digital transformation journey. Bearing this in mind, Offline media such as TV, Radio and OOH also benefitted in some markets due to lockdowns. This is the right time to board the bandwagon and stay ahead of your competitors. By registering at Advert on Click, you can have the whole marketplace at your fingertips through outreach and unique services that help you get accurate information, display, transparent comparisons, media plan preparation and media booking ability,” he said.

More than 950 vendors have already registered with Advert on Click, the platform is poised to launch to advertisers in the coming weeks. The platform boasts, ad space from all types of media vendors, be it digital, print, broadcast or OOH.  

“Advert on Click allows listing or booking of media space with just a few clicks. Our unique algorithms connect the right media buyer with the media seller for optimal results in advertising,” said Aldeeb.

The information offered by Advert on Click — an integrated knowledge base that empowers direct advertisers and media buying agencies — includes space availability, technical specifications, information about the media outlets as well as their rate cards.

“Advert on Click” is one of the first digital online platforms uniting all stakeholders from every nook and cranny of the ‘Media Industry.’ All media outlets, including broadcast, print, online and OOH (out-of-home) from all around the globe can be part of its new-age platform to showcase and promote their advertising spaces and solutions as the whole marketplace is available at their fingertips through unique services. The “Advert on Click” team works around-the-clock to help widen its business partners’ outreach to advertisers. The platform offers extensive services that help you get accurate information, display, transparent comparisons, media plan preparation and media booking ability.

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