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Hawaii Tourism Introduces Work From Hawaii – New Residency Program

National data reveals more Americans are choosing to work remotely to accommodate demanding careers, but a new survey may indicate that working from home has taken on a new meaning, with employees spending more time in unique (and sometimes far off locations) to drive productivity.

Hawaii Tourism United States (HTUSA) polled over 1,000 Americans for a closer look at office habits ranging from how we break up the day, to what inspires creativity, and found most millennials (ages 22-37) admit they tend to work while on vacation and expect to take home more than a souvenir from their trips. Most Americans (88%) agree that exposure to new people and cultures are essential to creativity, and nearly 2 in 3 (64%) yearn to come home with a refreshed attitude. The new insights summarize an “always-on” mentality, where American employees seem to take work wherever they go to foster better outcomes, problem-solving abilities, enhance creativity – and ultimately come back to their office environments and home cities feeling better equipped to do their jobs.

Inspired by this workforce on the move – from home offices to coffee shops, co-working spaces and restorative travel adventures – Hawaii Tourism United States will launch work From Hawaii, featuring six carefully curated “residencies” located on Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and the Island of Hawaii. The week-long “WFH” residencies are designed to inspire the best work of your life; and suit the interests and occupations of the busiest, most ambitious city-dwellers, from advertising executives to start-up CEOs, techies, writers, and even visual artists. Room, board, and experience are sponsored by HTUSA to spark a new type of routine that only Hawaii can provide. Each opportunity features a unique work and living space, dedicated island ambassadors and hands-on itineraries to delve deep intoHawaii’scuisine, culture, and adventure.

While the program will be piloted inNew York City and open to professionals who live or work in the city’s five boroughs, the tourism team hopes the idea could potentially be adopted in other cities.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply from April 30 to June 4, 2018and the week-long residencies will take place in September 2018.

Recent survey data behind the first-of-its-kind tourism program indicates Americans no longer see “working from vacation” as an oxymoron as the “travel to work” trend grows.

  • Can’t stop the hustle: More than half of all (60%) polled admit having worked during a vacation; while (83%) of millennial respondents feel more productive when they work away from a traditional office setting. Almost all employed millennials agree they would benefit, both in productivity (83%) and creativity (91%), from the growing trend of combining work with play.
  • Craving an enriching work environment: More than half (61%) of workers across the country feel they are most inspired when working in a secluded, mountain-side environment followed by an indoor, high-tech environment with outdoor activities (59%).
  • More than the WiFi password: Americans revealed their top three “must-haves” to enjoy working on vacation is the ability to stay connected (45%), finding time for adventure (44%) and working outside in warm weather (41%).
  • The best souvenir: Over half of Americans believe the most important thing to bring back from your time away is a refreshed attitude (64%), followed by a feeling of accomplishment (53%), and increased drive or ambition (44%).

Those who live in and around Gotham City see themselves as the most dedicated, resourceful and efficient workforce – and justify a “workcation” as the ideal scenario.

  • ANew York State of Mind: A large majority (82%) of New Yorkers feel they work harder than anywhere else in the country.
  • Nothing slowing us down:87% ofNew Yorkmillennials prefer to “work-on-the-move,” instead of in an office and almost all (96%) ofNew York-based millennials agree that getting away from a regular work routine, meeting new people and seeing new things is essential to their creativity; 50% say it’s absolutely essential.
  • What’s inspiring hard work: More than half (59%) of New Yorkers prefer high-tech environments to get the job done, followed by corner office environments (50%) – while some (49%) don’t need a view but more so a fast-paced, active, outdoor settings.

“‘Work From Hawaii’ celebrates the career-minded traveler – especially New Yorkers, who do everything in service of their hustle. People visit our islands for many reasons but lately, we have seen an explosion of guests looking for more than beaches and resorts. We’re intrigued by those who connect with our culture and traditions in a way that invigorates their hobbies and career aspirations. It’s beautiful how they takeHawaiiback home with them – refreshed and more inspired. The residencies are designed to embrace this determination and respect for the islands and stimulate personal and professional growth that will last long after you’ve left,” stated Jay Talwar, CMO, Hawaii Tourism United States.

The six co-living/workspaces below and suggested itineraries will also be made available for public bookings beginning October 2018. For full details, rules and restrictions on how to apply for one of the six Work From Hawaii residencies please visit:

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