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Le Cordon Bleu Paris Institute Launches MBA in International Hospitality and Culinary Leadership

Le Cordon Bleu Paris launches an MBA in International Hospitality and Culinary Leadership, in partnership with Paris Dauphine-PSL University, in a sector experiencing rapid growth.

The programme, which will begin in September 2020, is targeted at experienced managers, who are fully aware of the challenges and specifics of a market which is continuously evolving. The programme will strengthen their strategic professional development, as they progress towards management, senior executive or even entrepreneurial positions.

This new programme will give students the opportunity to specialise in the international luxury hospitality and gastronomy sector, developing expertise and significant added value for standing out in the job market!

Become a leader in the hospitality and restaurant sector

During this MBA in International Hospitality and Culinary Leadership, the first intake of which is scheduled to take place on 14 September 2020, students will have the opportunity to gain knowledge of strategy and business management, but also to develop key leadership and management skills. This MBA will enable them to gain an increased understanding of the excellence that governs the world of gastronomy and hospitality in France and around the globe. Thanks to this programme, they will have all the keys with which to define the strategy of high-end establishments, determine the ideal culinary or hospitality concept for their entrepreneurial projects, and train and manage teams in a competitive international environment. 

“Thanks to our partnership with Paris Dauphine-PSL University, our curriculum perfectly meets the standards of excellence and managerial skills that this sector demands. With 125 years of expertise, we are committed to transmitting this excellence to our future students. Furthermore, thanks to our global network, they will evolve in a multicultural environment. We are looking for individuals from a variety of backgrounds, as we are convinced that being exposed to new approaches is an invaluable source of inspiration and creativity,” stated Sylvy Morineau, Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute Academic Director.

Taught in English, this one year top-level management programme includes 5 months of classes devoted to specific themes, followed by 5 months experience in a company. A study trip to Dubai and Mauritius is planned during the first trimester of the training programme to enable students to encounter real-life situations. This will represent a key moment, during which students will experience the daily life of management teams in two destinations, which offer a unique and vast range of prestigious hotels, welcoming millions of tourists every year. The trip will coincide with the United Arab Emirates city hosting the Universal Exhibition, which promises to be a spectacular event.

During the year, students will benefit from personal coaching, with individual meetings to examine their professional project, and teaching methods which are adapted to the profiles and needs of executives and managers. The number of places per graduating class will be limited in order to ensure that those taking part are passionate and already demonstrate a natural disposition for working in hospitality or gastronomy.

At the end of the programme, students will be awarded an MBA in International Hospitality and Culinary Leadership from Le Cordon Bleu institute, an MBA in Hospitality and Culinary Management from Paris Dauphine-PSL University and a Master Global Management from Paris Dauphine-PSL University, the latter is recognized by the French higher education system. Our graduates will then become members of the Institute’s and the university’s close-knit alumni communities. These two dynamic networks provide highly effective support in creating new opportunities.

Spotlight on the travel and tourism industry

The number of international visitors has witnessed remarkable levels of growth in recent years. New trends have emerged and are continuing to develop, driven by the emergence of a new Asian and South American clientele. This is a dynamic sector in terms of employment for those looking for a rewarding managerial career in the hospitality and gastronomy sector! 

  • 4% is the global GDP generated by Travel and Tourism
  • 9% is the GDP growth experienced in Direct Travel and Tourism in 2018
  • 319 million jobs are available in Travel and Tourism, 10% of global employment
  • 1/5 of all job creation in the past five years has been in the Travel and Tourism sector

For further information: Le Cordon Bleu International and Le Cordon Bleu Paris

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