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Player Protection Responsibility – How Do Casinos Protect Their Players?


A frequently cited argument against legal non GamStop casinos is the supposedly high risk of developing an uncontrolled gambling addiction.

In fact, many online casinos value player protection and “responsible gaming” and want to prevent “gambling addiction” and do preventive work. Some have developed their own initiatives or programs and offer specialized customer support.

“Contrary to popular belief, video games, blackjack, roulette, sports betting and even the lottery are all games of chance. Most players think this is a low risk game offering with good winning opportunities. In reality, exactly the opposite is the case.” – The Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA) does not present the undoubted potential danger of gambling that clearly, this text can be found on the website of the online casino Slottio Casino.

Again and again one reads and hears from players of casinos not on GamStop who have become over-indebted within a short time and whose gambling behavior is out of control. So you could think that the providers don’t care about their customers and are only concerned with maximizing profits. But that is clearly not the case. Not least because the online casinos licensed in the EU are already legally required to actively do something to protect players and minors, but not only.

A number of casinos not on GamStop do much more than just hide a note in the small print that you should “gamble responsibly” and must be over 18 years of age and offer real player protection measures.

Good Examples of Non GamStop Casinos Player Protection Programmes

Here we have put together a few good examples of some non GamStop casinos who offer special offers for player protection – and what they include.

Richy Fish Casino – Responsible Casino Not on GamStop

The online casino Richy Fish, which operates under a Maltese license, has set up its own quite extensive program to ensure player protection. Under the heading “Play Okay” it says: “Playing at Richy Fish should be something positive, entertaining, exciting and fun. Sometimes it’s hard to judge how much we want to play in relation to how much we can lose. In this section you will find ways to ensure you play within manageable limits.”

On the one hand, the so-called “Play Okay tools” are offered for this purpose. This includes “product settings” (as the casino calls it) designed to help protect players – from themselves. For example, the possibility of setting different limits. As the most non GamStop casinos, Richy Fish not only offers the possibility of limiting the money spent, but also of setting a time limit on how many hours a day can be played. This can also be done in the form of a login block, with which you can specify that you cannot log in at certain times.

There are four different ways to bet money. For example, you can limit how much can be paid into the player account in a certain period. One variant is a game budget limit that also takes winnings into account. If a limit of 10 euros per week is set for variant one, only 10 euros can be deposited per week. In variant two, profits would be added. So a profit of around 20 euros was made, and an additional 20 euros can also be paid in during the week.

A selectable bet limit limits the maximum amount that can be bet and the adjustable loss limit stops you from continuing to play after a certain loss.

The periods can be set daily, weekly or monthly, the amounts can be freely selected. All limits can be changed or deleted. However, stricter limits apply immediately, but relaxation of the limit only after a 24-hour “cool-off period”. This is to prevent hasty decisions.

However, Richy Fish casino does not stop with these technical setting options. According to the casino, there is a “team of sensitive and well-trained employees” who can be reached around the clock and every day of the week via online chat or email.

In addition to the limit settings, they also want to provide general help for those at risk of gambling addiction. Richy Fish, for example, offers a help system under its own domain, which is linked from the online casino, with a list of signs that you can use to tell if you are at risk of gambling addiction. Both for self-assessment and as a self-test, advice for relatives with signs of an assessment from outside, contact to support facilities and as a separate section on the subject of the protection of minors with tips for parents. Everything under the motto “When the fun stops, we’re there to help you”.

There are also options to take a break and let the account rest for a period of between seven days and six months. The account reopens automatically after the time has elapsed. In contrast, a time-limited or unlimited self-exclusion can also be activated. This can only be canceled by contacting support via chat or email.

“Play Okay” and “Reliable Gaming” are already clearly visible in the side navigation and especially in normal noticeable size at the bottom of the page.

Jimmy Winner Casino – One of the Best Non GamStop Casinos

The non GamStop casino Jimmy Winner, which is also under a Maltese license, presents its player protection program less clearly.

There, too, there are “aids” – as the casino calls them – to set different limits, which can also be controlled according to money and time spent. Jimmy Winner Casino also offers the possibility of a so-called “reality check”, in which a pop-up appears every 60 minutes and reminds you how long you have been playing with which stakes. A general player history is also offered.

A self-test, questions and answers as well as references to aid organizations are also part of the programme. Plus the options to pause or self-exclude. The gambling site also points out blocking software. There is a cooperation with Gamban. If you recently closed your account, you can get a free code for Gamban from support.

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