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Postcard sent from Seychelles, arrived France after 19 years

Marie -Thérèse Anézo recently received a postcard mailed some 19 years ago from the Seychelles. The postcard had been mailed on June 10, 1996 by her cousin Monique who was holidaying on Praslin in the Seychelles.

The picture perfect postcard of the Seychelles sent from Grand Anse Praslin in the Seychelles finally reached Marie -Thérèse Anézo, who lives at Saint Lyphard in the Loire-Atlantique department which is about 400 kilometres from Paris, the French capital.

In an article published on thel French news site, ouest france, the postcard with a post date of July 10, 1996 was only delivered on June 30, 2015.

Monique, the cousin of Marie -Thérèse Anézo is now 90 years old and has long ceased to travel.

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