Scotland To Celebrate World Whisky Day

Scotland To Celebrate World Whisky Day on May 18

Scotland celebrates World Whisky Day, on Saturday, 18 May, visitors to Scotland are invited to raise a dram and discover more about whisky, Scotland’s national drink and biggest export.

The practice of distilling whisky has been lovingly perfected throughout Scotland for centuries and began as a way of turning rain-soaked barley into a drinkable spirit, using the fresh water from Scotland’s crystal-clear springs and streams. Looking towards 2020, as Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters, it’s not surprising that whisky will play a starring role alongside Scotland’s fresh seafood, stunning islands and rugged coastlines.

Today there some 148 distilleries across Scotland, each producing wonderfully distinct whisky, dependent on everything from the source of the water to the wood of the cask. Paying a visit to a distillery enables visitors to discover more about the environment and the people who shape the taste of it.

An important part of Scotland’s heritage, whisky can be celebrated all year round with a host of events and openings across the country for whisky fans to enjoy.

At heart, this is what World Whisky Day is all about: getting together with friends and family, and appreciating one of life’s great pleasures. It doesn’t need to be lavish – perhaps you simply want to raise a dram with a loved one and reminisce, or host a house party with some good friends. In that case all you’ll need is the people and the whisky. Snacks never go amiss – the usual favourites or, if you’re feeling adventurous, matching canapés for your whisky. You could even light up the BBQ, or if you’re a talented cook, how about throwing a whisky-themed dinner? Cigar and whisky pairing is another popular theme. Really, if you’ve got the passion, the possibilities are endless.

Whisky shops make great World Whisky Day venues. They provide the perfect opportunity for revellers (tourists, students, appreciation societies etc.) to sample a great ranges of whiskies. Regional tasting tours are particularly popular, as are chocolate or cheese and whisky pairings. It’s also a fantastic chance for shops to offer exclusive discounts on particular whiskies to attendees. Distilleries can join in as well, with many all over the world already running special World Whisky Day tours, offering exclusive tastings, discounts, and even revealing new products. Visitors should have the opportunity to meet the people that make their favourite dram.

There’s no better place to celebrate World Whisky Day than where it all began, though: at the bar. Every year and all over the globe, bars, restaurants and hotels celebrate World Whisky Day in countless ways. These range from tastings at independent whisky rooms to multi-course whisky-themed dinners at renowned hotels.

For more information about World Whisky Day, click here

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