Seychelles Integrates UN Goals into Tourism Strategy for Sustainable Growth

Seychelles is setting a precedent in sustainable tourism by aligning its strategies with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, aiming to fully understand tourism’s economic impacts through its partnership with the UNWTO.

Seychelles President Wavel Ramkalawan announced these ambitions at the World Governments Summit 2024 in Dubai, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental preservation.

The collaboration with the UNWTO, particularly on the tourism satellite account project, is pivotal for Seychelles in quantifying tourism’s contributions to GDP, employment, and foreign exchange earnings. Seychelles, a pioneer in global conservation, has launched the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism label to certify tourism entities committed to sustainable practices.

Tourism, the leading economic sector in Seychelles, is followed by fisheries in its contribution to the nation’s economy. President Ramkalawan underscored the importance of the Blue Economy, with significant marine territories designated as protected areas to conserve biodiversity and marine ecosystems for future generations.

Seychelles is committed to protecting 100% of its seagrass and mangrove forests, efforts that go beyond national contribution to addressing global environmental impacts. The nation also focuses on community empowerment in tourism, ensuring local involvement in decision-making and the benefits of tourism revenue.

The president highlighted the critical role of international cooperation and partnerships in achieving Seychelles’ sustainable development goals. These collaborations offer essential resources like funding, expertise, and technology transfer, vital for exploiting the economic potential of ocean resources sustainably.

Ramkalawan advocated for a Multidimensional Vulnerability Index (MVI) to enable countries like Seychelles to access concessional finance for development, emphasizing that this request is not for grants but for fair access to development funds. Seychelles’ strategy involves international collaboration, community engagement, and innovative projects to promote inclusive economic growth and environmental resilience.

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