The Chase for Carrera, starring Ryan Gosling

TAG Heuer Premiers The Chase for Carrera, starring Ryan Gosling

To mark the 60th anniversary of the TAG Heuer Carrera, the watch brand presents The Chase for Carrera, featuring the ambassador of the Swiss watchmaking brand Ryan Gosling.

Produced by David Leitch and directed by Nash Edgerton, the exclusive action comedy stars Ryan Gosling, along with Vanessa Bayer. The short film pays tribute to the iconic watch with a race sequence worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster.

The famous Carrera timepiece was created by former CEO Jack Heuer in 1963, when he named it after the notoriously dangerous Carrera Panamerica rally race across Mexico held between 1950 and 1954. Now TAG Heuer revisits the thrill of classic car chase scenes in collaboration with David Leitch’s 87 North, whose production credits include the 2022 action film Bullet Train.

Stunts, adrenaline and laughs are all right on cue in the short film, in which Ryan Gosling faces off against a relentless ‘prop master’ played by Vanessa Bayer, with David Leitch himself playing the director of the film. Gosling will do anything to hold on to his new TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph, the star of the film – and the natural timepiece of choice for high-speed drivers, with its ultra-readable dial and bold new technologies.

The new iteration of the iconic watch has a sapphire crystal dome that reveals the stunning signature blue dial on a blue calfskin leather strap. In her role as prop master, Vanessa Bayer wears the TAG Heuer Carrera 36mm in pink. The mini blockbuster contains an array of easter eggs referencing the illustrious past of the Carrera that will delight aficionados.

The two actors are also featured together in Leitch’s upcoming feature film The Fall Guy, in which Ryan Gosling will be wearing the sportier black and silver “reverse panda” dial of the same edition. The actor and brand ambassador will wear different iterations of TAG Heuer Carreras in his future roles.

“TAG Heuer has always had a close connection to Hollywood, with our timepieces worn on the wrists of silver screen legends across the decades, from Steve McQueen to Ryan Gosling. And the Carrera has always been more than just a timepiece – born from the racetrack, it’s a statement of daring and adventure as much as it is the epitome of elegance. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate its 60 years than with this world-first: a mini Hollywood blockbuster collaborating with the best action-movie director in the world in David Leitch, responsible for such instant classics as John Wick and Bullet Train, and starring Ryan Gosling, not only the A-list icon of his age, but someone who always brings the utmost dedication and creativity to every project he embarks on, and that couldn’t be more true here. Here’s to the next 60,” said Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer.

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