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Tenerife & Seychelles discuss tourism and cooperation

Tenerife Island and the Seychelles are looking ways to boost tourism with a possible cooperation.

“Tenerife Island and the Seychelles are from different parts of the world but can and should cooperate in their development of tourism” these were the words of Alain St.Ange of the Saint Ange Tourism Consultancy and the Seychelles former Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine after meeting with Stephanie Wear Pintado, the Director of Economic and Air Service Development of the Tenerife Tourism Corporation.

Both Stephanie Wear Pintado and Alain St.Ange were Key Speakers at the Routes Africa 2018 in Ghana last week and they made time to meet on the sidelines of the conference to discuss tourism and possible cooperation.

Similarities of small islands with their tourism development does exist and successes of one can be looked at in the development processes of the other. Tenerife Island is currently looking at the next generation of hotel development and are conscious of the need to increase yield from their key industry. These are exactly the same concerns and challenges discussed at every small island developing state and often raised at the ministerial Meetings of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands

Stephanie Wear Pintado and Alain St.Ange expect to meet again the near future.

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