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The Best Superhero Games to Play


Superhero movies have been quite popular lately which is why superhero TV shows have been springing up left and right.

Comic book fans have entertainment galore because these motion pictures have spawned some games as well. So, if you’re a fan of the superhero genre, here are some titles for you to consider:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel have been killing it lately when it comes to TV shows and movies. But they’ve also been making a name for themselves with games such as Ultimate Alliance 2. In this game you’ll have 20 superheroes to choose from. You’ll need to make up a team of 4 and defeat all the enemies that the various levels offer. Different superheroes have different superpowers and they can combine them to cause massive damage.

These extensive universes have inspired all kinds of games, and among them there are some slot titles. Casino fans can find such slots at many casino sites. These websites offer all kinds of table and slot games to fans and they some let players play casino without creating an account. The main thing to remember about such sites and their games is to enjoy them responsibly.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The movie wasn’t that good but this game makes up for that. It’s one of the goriest games you’ll ever play so don’t play it with a full stomach. You’ll get to wreak havoc with Wolverine as you go through armadas of soldiers and anything else that stands on your way. This title does take bits of the film to tell a story but it’s also a title that comes with non-stop action. If you’re a fan of the X-Men series and you’re looking for a game to play then this is one you should consider. Your healing abilities will make you immortal and your claws will make you unstoppable.

The Batman Arkham Series

If you ever wanted to play as the Dark Knight then the Batman Arkham franchise will help you with that. With Origins, Asylum, City and Knight you’ll have 4 amazing games at your disposal. In Origins you’ll get to play as Batman in the beginning as you strike fear in the hearts of criminals and supervillains alike.

Then you’ll take on a more experienced Batman in Arkham Asylum where the Joker and a bunch of other villains will take over the asylum. Since you’re the Batman you won’t let them get away with it.

In Arkham City your identity as Bruce Wayne is uncovered and you’re locked in an entire city of supervillains. Besides Batman, you’ll get to play as Catwoman as well and your job is to take down Hugo Strange in this one. Finally, in Arkham Knight you’ll get to try out the Batmobile and scare anyone that crosses your path.

Naturally, you’ll get to use all the gadgets in each game and beat enemies to a pulp with various martial arts. Also, you’ll meet Alfred, Jim and Barbara Gordon and a host of other interesting characters. The story is pretty well done and you’ll enjoy every bit of it as you go from gargoyle to gargoyle, scouting out enemies before you take them down.

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