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Travel More in 2020 by Finding a Job for Remote Workers

Humans are social creatures and we all crave adventures. Even the most introverted of us desire to meet like-minded people and travel to new and inspirational places.

Often, traveling can be a great way to do this, however, most of us are burdened by bills and our working lives. For thousands of years, human beings have more or less needed to live no more than a few miles away from their job locations, but now, for the first time ever in history an unprecedented number of humans are able to bring their work with them wherever they go. We are in the digital age, so take control of this age before it controls you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Specialist

When you visit Google and type in a search term, who or what do you think decides which websites come at the top of the page for any related Google search term? Google’s complex and mysterious algorithms decide. An SEO specialist’s role is to figure out the Google algorithms just enough so that he/she can then ensure the website they are working with will rank as high as possible for key-word searches related to their websites niche.

For example, a barbers shop in the city of Birmingham, UK wants to attract more customers, one way in which they will be sure to increase their customers is if they ranked in the top three search positions for Google searches such as ‘Barbers in Birmingham.’ As you can see below, the number represents the number of searches each of the terms are searched for per month. It can be conceived that the barber’s website which ranks first for ‘best barbers in Birmingham’ could receive up to 250 more customers per month.

barber shop seo

A skilled SEO would be able to use techniques in order to help ensure that the website they are working for ranks highly for search engine related searches that are directly related to their business. (Remember Google is not the only search engine, although it is the most popular with over 88% of search engine searches coming from Google).

These techniques include:

  • Ensuring their website is better than their competitors in terms of usability, speed and genuine performance.
  • Is relevant and up-to-date and gives visitors exactly what they are looking for.
  • Has backlinks from other relevant websites – for example, other news sites in the Birmingham area have reviewed the barber’s shop and linked to its website in one of their articles.

An SEO specialist is a highly skilled job and you do not need to study a degree to be able to work as one – there is hell of a lot of information out there already so you can learn the techniques for yourself. Search Engine Journal and Ahrefs are both fantastic guides for all SEO workers; beginners and experts.  

However, the SEO industry is an ever changing one; techniques that were used two years ago can often be mostly irrelevant today. Therefore, it’s important that anyone thinking of entering this field is both adaptable and hungry for knowledge – the competition is highly demanding and can often be stressful given you are essentially up against the biggest tech company the world has ever seen – Google. Best to make friends rather than enemies with Google if you are to be successful. The online casino industry (which we will discuss more later in the article) is also heavily invested into SEO. In fact, all companies that rely solely on their online presence are. Competition has left the high street and is instead found on the ‘streets’ of Google and other search engines.

Content Writer

A content writers’ job is to research a given topic and write it up to the best of their ability in the most informative way as possible for readers – simple. Thanks to the internet and email, it is possible to do this job remotely, without being in an office of the company/website you are writing for. If you are a native English speaker or are at least fluent in the English language, you already have a significant advantage over a great number of other writers.

English speaking content writers are required for a variety of different website niches. If you are looking for content writing work, you should reach out to websites within the iGaming industry; online casinos in the UK are constantly on the lookout for excellent English content writers to write for their websites. Online casinos often pay writers by the number of articles/pages they write, so if you are a concise, adaptable and reliable writer, you will be paid well. You should expect to be made around £1 per 80 words if you are a beginner writer. However, if you prove yourself to be adept, many casinos will take you on full-time in which case you will be paid a monthly or annual wage.

Other website niches which are always on the lookout for strong content writers include: Travel websites, sports news sites and pop culture sites. It never hurts to send a website that you think you could do a good job writing for an email. There truly are lots of writing roles out there; maybe you will soon be able to fulfil your dream of being a writer working from a stylish apartment in Vienna or from a loft apartment in the centre of Paris.

Freelance Journalist

Traveling the world whilst reporting on the unfolding events in the countries you are based in; truly a dream job for many writers, as you can imagine, but the competition is tough. Not only do you have to be a fantastic writer, but you must also be a great storyteller with a fantastic sense to finding the best scoops in any given location.

You could even start up your own news website, if you are able to invest your time and effort with very little return, but if you are talented enough to get the scoop on a big news event before anyone else, your site will likely gain traction and you may even be head hunted by bigger websites to report on location for them.

With so many different news websites on the internet, a greater number of them are requiring reliable native news journalists to report on goings on. Admittedly, this is a remote working job that can be extremely tough to actually get paid for, but if other people can make a success of it, then why can’t you?

Web Masters

Web masters are website owners that generate money solely from their websites. Don’t forget, websites are now seen as businesses and can be bought and taken over if the current owner and buyer are able to agree on terms. Every website in the world has the potential to generate revenue. This could come from advertising, selling products listed on their website, you could even sell yourself – if you are a clairvoyant, for example.

If you have a talent for online marketing, you can build websites up yourself or you can buy other domains in order to improve them and generate revenue. There is also no limit to the number of websites that you can have in your portfolio. Furthermore, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can have access to your website from wherever you are in the world. 

Online marketing courses can help you achieve this dream, fortunately for you, a quick Google search will bring up thousands of results for you to choose from, paid and unpaid.

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