UK Tourism Businesses go eco-friendly

UK Tourism Businesses go eco-friendly

UKinbound has released its latest Business Barometer results, highlighting the measures tourism businesses are putting in place to reduce their impact on the environment. 

Results also show bookings and yields are holding steady for two thirds of members and confidence levels have picked up. 

In its latest survey, the association asked its members to comment on their sustainability practices, revealing that over 81% of tourism businesses think it is important to implement sustainable and environmental policies for their businesses and clients.

These companies are taking proactive steps to minimize the impact of their tourism business on the environment, with 59% reducing single use plastics, 49% reducing their carbon footprint, and over 1 in 5 using renewable energy. 

40% of respondents also said that they are working with eco-friendly partners, have ‘green champions’ in the workplace, and are recycling/reducing food waste.

Joss Croft, CEO, UKinbound commented: “It is great to know that our members care deeply about the environment and are taking positive action to minimize the impact of their businesses and clients.  After all – it is in all our interests to nurture and take care of our beautiful landscapes, cities, towns and villages, as this is one of the main reasons why the majority of international tourists visit the UK. 

“In addition to our research, the Environmental Audit Select Committee is conducting an inquiry into sustainable tourism.  We are looking forward to reading their recommendations and supporting these where we can on behalf of our members.”

Andrea Nicholas, managing director, Green Tourism added “Over the last two years we have seen over a 400% increase from tourism and hospitality businesses wanting to explore how to improve their sustainable practices and how to evidence their achievements to their increasingly inquisitive consumers.

“Our significant growth has come from hotel groups and other hospitality businesses seeking validation and accreditation that their practices are being managed efficiently and cost effectively (particularly our new energy audit, which guarantees significant cost savings).”

The July Business Barometer also asked members to feedback regarding business operating conditions during May and June, with 75% of businesses saying their bookings/visitor numbers/customer orders were the same or higher than May/June 2018. Yields were also the same or up for 84% of businesses during the same periods. 

China and America continue to be the leading growth markets, with 43% of respondents experiencing growth from one of the two.

France and Germany continue to be the two most in decline markets, with 29% of respondents experiencing decline from one of the two.

Confidence also saw a positive increase compared to March/April data, with 57% of businesses stating they are confident about the upcoming 12 months, compared to 49% the previous two months.

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