Santorini dress

We will organize a chic flying dress photo shot and offer the best professional photographer price

We invite you to personally experience the benefits of interacting with our professional team. We guarantee a pleasant pastime and a reasonable flying dress photoshoot price.

You will be able to choose locations and outfits you like. If you need the help of a qualified specialist, contact our manager. We will fully consider your wishes and financial possibilities when developing the concept of a photo shoot.

We are sure: you will be satisfied with the work of a professional specialist SantoriniDress.

We guarantee a reasonable cost of services and excellent-quality photography


The total photography cost will depend on the number of primary and additional services 

provided. We will discuss in advance all the necessary points to stay within your budget. Depending on the time of the shooting, the photographer’s prices may vary. But in any case, the photoshoot cost will be justified. You will get a lot of positive emotions and stunning pictures in chic outfits against the backdrop of unique natural locations. We will be glad to be extremely useful to you – contact us!


We invite you to take part in a stunning flying dress photoshoot


Do you have a reason to shoot? Then, we are ready to discuss all the necessary details and organize the perfect private flying dress photoshoot in Santorini. This beautiful island has many picturesque places for creating gorgeous shots against the backdrop of nature.

Perhaps you have long dreamed of a beautiful, unforgettable flying dress photoshoot. We will design the shooting style and provide you with a choice of chic, airy outfits to make you feel like a majestic queen.

Choose stunning locations across Santorini, Dubai, Italy, or Mexico. We invite you to enjoy the morning dawn or evening sunset with us during a flying dress photo shoot. Our professionals will make tender and romantic shots. High-quality photography will be saturated with positive emotions.


Where to find beautiful flowy outfits for shooting and the best photographers?


We have several dozen models flying dresses with long air trains that quickly rise up under the breeze. Such a fantastic spectacle in the natural locations of Santorini will be masterfully captured in the frame by our best photographers.

Do you want to have a pleasant day on your trip and get gorgeous flying dress photography? Then, we will be happy to be of the utmost service to you. An experienced private photographer working in Santorini knows the unique and most suitable locations for shooting a specific image of a model.


The professional SantoriniDress team will realize your ideas or offer their own creative ideas. Your cherished desire for the Santorini photo shoot will undoubtedly come true when interacting with us!

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