Why Do People Want to Bet Anonymously?

It used to be the case that online gamblers were forced to share their personal details if they wanted to play. For many, this wasn’t ideal, for several reasons.

Their issues were solved when crypto casinos arrived on the scene, which offered the chance to bet anonymously online, on all manner of online casino games.

But why exactly do people want to bet anonymously at crypto casinos? Why wouldn’t they be comfortable providing various personal details and banking information to a gambling site? Keep on reading to find out more.

What is Anonymous Betting?

Firstly, let’s look at what anonymous betting is. As the name suggests, it’s betting without having to provide any personal details. You’ll never need to provide banking details to a casino when you bet anonymously, and there are some casinos that don’t even require registration.

However, the most popular crypto casinos are now those that offer something of a hybrid: they require you to sign-up with a few details, but then allow you to deposit anonymously using various cryptocurrencies. There are several sites of this type, with one of the best-known being Cloudbet.

But why should you consider betting anonymously when you next choose an online casino? We’ve got three great reasons for you below.

Maintain Privacy

The number one reason to bet anonymously at a site such as Cloudbet is simple: it allows you to retain privacy. It won’t be possible for others to look at bank statements and find out you’ve been playing at online casinos. Instead, they’ll just see a purchase of cryptocurrency – they won’t know what you’ve spent the crypto on.

Of course, maintaining privacy is very different to hiding your gambling. If you are being secretive with your gambling, you might have a gambling problem. If you have even an inkling that you’ve got an issue, stop betting, and contact one of the many fantastic gambling addiction organisations out there.

No Risk to Personal Data

Online security is a hot topic, with many high-profile hacks happening in recent times. This has made many people concerned about how generous they are with their personal data. Even sites using SSL encryption can lose personal details, so many prefer to completely negate the possibility of their details falling into the wrong hands by never giving them out in the first place.

At an anonymous crypto site, you’ll be able to pay without providing any details. Just get the site’s crypto wallet address and then initiate the transfer of funds from your wallet. You won’t even need to put in your name to transfer the money.

More Control Over Taxation

This section must start by saying that tax evasion is not a good thing, and it could land you in lots of trouble. However, there are some people, for whatever reasons, who don’t want their winnings to be traceable, and those people should bet anonymously at a crypto casino.

Of course, whether you would even need to pay tax on winnings depends on where you live. For example, if you’re in the UK, you won’t need to pay any tax on gambling winnings, but if you’re in the US, taxation will be heavy.

Deposit Anonymously at Cloudbet

As you can see, there are a few great reasons why you might want to bet anonymously online. Crypto casinos such as Cloudbet will allow you to do this, while also giving you access to many great bonuses and loads of fantastic games.

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