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Why Some Sites Are Withholding Your Winnings?

Just imagine a situation when you have played for a day and want to withdraw all your winnings, but the gambling provider doesn’t allow you to do so. Quite an unpleasant scenario, right? However, such cases are more than enough in the gambling sector.

A considerable number of complaints received about online gambling sites are all about the non-payout of casino wins. Of course, when a gambling operator takes your money to bet on casino games and then refuses to pay out your earnings, you have all the reasons to complain. However, before you do so, it’s essential to make an effort to understand why a certain platform can’t or won’t pay you.

Very often, there is a legitimate reason why a gambling provider withholds your winnings. And sometimes, a single action on your part can resolve the problem. In some exceptional cases, gamers can also fall in the crosshairs of a scam site.

In this article, we will look through the most common reasons why gambling companies refuse to pay your wins. Let’s have a look.

Inaccurate or False Information Used to Open an Account

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In the gambling sector, all online casinos, except for no-verification casinos, have a basic requirement of account verification before you can get your winnings out of the platform. This requirement is typically a result of various laws and regulatory nuances set forth by the authorities within the industry. These authorities enforce policies on user protection, gambling addiction, money laundering, etc.

The KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure usually asks players to submit documents verifying their identity, such as ID, driver’s license, etc. Thus, even a slight mistake you make when filling out the form can result in a casino withholding wins until the accurate data is presented.

In general, you will also have to upload a copy of your utility bill address and passport along with credit card information to process verification fully.

More Than One Opened Account

Let’s agree that sometimes, a person has quite legitimate reasons to open one more additional user account. For example, you can have forgotten your login credentials and can’t gain access to your account. It can happen, but you’re never gonna run into that kind of problem with Netti Kasinon 360.

However, if we take a closer look at the policy of modern online casinos, we can see that all of them have a point forbidding the opening of multiple accounts. The only account the gambling platform will approve is the first one registered.

If you still try to create new accounts after that, they will be considered duplicate accounts and, when identified, will lead to the confiscation of wins.

Wagering Requirements Are Not Fulfilled

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Most users who first join an online casino can’t possibly walk away from enticing and welcoming bonus offers. However, unfortunately, not all of them understand that all these promos and offers are not free and come with certain wagering and rollover requirements. These are the main terms that state how many times you have to play through the bonus before you become eligible for the withdrawal of your earnings. On average, the wagering requirements are around 25x – 35x and can sometimes include cash deposits.

This prevents users from cashing out earnings right away so that they will not be able to get the bonus funds and move on to the next casino for “free lunch.” Let’s agree that from the point of view of gaming operators, it’s quite understandable.

However, if you fail to meet these terms, the casino has the right to withhold all the wins you have accumulated using the bonus funds. So, before everything else, make sure to carefully get acquainted with all terms and meet them accordingly.

Violation of the Casino’s Terms and Conditions

Only a few people bother to check the terms and conditions of a casino and intuitively tick the “Agree” box. But if you ever fail to abide by the T&Cs, you will face the risk of wins confiscation and even losing your account completely.

There are multiple policies that gambling platforms generally enforce that can result in an unsatisfactory outcome. The most common ones cover:

  • Registering and playing as a minor;
  • Using a banking card in someone else’s name to make deposits into your casino account.

These cases can give the casino all the right to withhold your winnings.

Untrustworthy Gambling Operators

In this day and age, when the Internet is full of all possible casinos and betting platforms, it’s no surprise that you can sometimes stumble across scam sites with dirty tricks and schemes. If you weren’t lucky enough and registered at such casinos, you can’t forget about receiving your funds whatsoever.

To avoid falling prey to fraudulent sites, it’s better to check the license and reputation of each casino you are considering for your gambling journey. All prominent gambling operators, including legit fast payout casinos in Aussie, should feature a credible license number on their websites and have good customer reviews.

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