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WTTC Calls on EU to Boost Tourism by Focusing 3 Key Areas

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) issued a ‘Call to Action’, urging EU stakeholders to support a sector that employs over 22MN people and contributes €1.4TN to the European Union’s economy.

The Call to Action from the global tourism body highlights three key areas of focus to modernise and enhance the sector which would see it reach its potential of a €1.9TN contribution to the European Union’s economy by 2033.

According to WTTC predictions, the Travel & Tourism sector is on the cusp of a remarkable achievement. By 2033, it’s expected to constitute one in ten euros of the EU’s economy, a testament to its growing influence and importance.

The organization’s Economic Impact Research reveals optimistic job creation forecasts. By 2033, the sector is expected to generate almost 4 million new jobs, bringing the total to 26.4 million – accounting for one in eight jobs across the EU.

A Sustainable Vision for the Future

The WTTC is calling on the EU to perform policy impact assessments. This is to ensure that the legislative framework supports the transition to a sustainable future, aiming for net-zero emissions without sidelining the sector’s growth.

This initiative also encourages EU leaders to recognize the Travel & Tourism sector’s existing environmental commitments

The goal is to ensure future environmental laws enhance rather than obstruct the sector’s sustainability efforts.

Ease of travel across borders

The WTTC is advocating for policies that ease cross-border travel, which is essential for sector growth and job creation. Simplifying visa processes is highlighted as a key area for improvement.

The Council is pressing the EU to enhance visa liberalization efforts and remove travel barriers. The implementation of the Entry-Exit System is urged to be expedited for smoother travel experiences.

Embracing Digital Transformation

The digitalization of the Travel & Tourism sector is deemed crucial by the WTTC. It calls for the EU to fast-track the integration of advanced technologies to improve efficiency and foster economic growth.

Policies promoting contactless travel and the innovative use of AI throughout the sector are encouraged. The WTTC supports efforts to digitize travel documents and streamline visa processes, enhancing the travel experience from start to finish.

A Call for Action and Collaboration

Julia Simpson, President & CEO of the WTTC, emphasizes the sector’s role as a vital economic engine within the EU. The proposed measures aim to ensure sustainable growth, attract new talent, and secure prosperity.

The WTTC urges the adoption of these strategies by the EU. By embracing digital transformation and modernization, the sector, in collaboration with the EU, can achieve unprecedented growth and success.

These initiatives mark the beginning of a new era in European policy, focusing on pragmatic support for the Travel & Tourism sector. The WTTC’s call to action presents an opportunity for the EU’s tourism industry to remain competitive, ensuring its growth and resilience through effective implementation of these recommendations.

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