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Danish rail firm DSB cancels trains to and from Germany

The Danish train operator DSB has canceled its trains to and from Germany. DSB said it was suspending its train services between Germany and Denmark for an unspecified time. The company said the action had been taken after hundreds of migrants refused to leave a train in a town on the border with Germany.

Police said some 200 people at the port of Rodby, on the island of Lolland, had refused to leave two trains. The migrants asked instead to continue to Sweden, saying they had family or friends there, rather than be housed in Danish reception centers.

Danish authorities have said the migrants will either be registered in Denmark or returned to Germany.

Danish police earlier on Wednesday closed part of a highway near the German border, as some 300 migrants tried to reach Sweden on foot. The migrants, who had been housed in a school in the southwestern of Padborg, said they wanted to head to Sweden, which has more generous asylum rules.

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Source: DW

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