Iryo Spain's new private train company

Discover Spain with Iryo’s Affordable €8 Rail Tickets

Iryo, the country’s high-speed, low-cost rail operator, has announced a special promotional offer with tickets starting as low as €8 to all its destinations.

This special offer, valid throughout 2024, is a golden opportunity for travelers to explore the diverse and vibrant landscapes of Spain affordably.

Iryo, which commenced operations just over a year ago on November 25th, 2022, has rapidly expanded its network. It currently connects Madrid with ten other major Spanish cities, including Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Seville, Málaga, Cuenca, Córdoba, Alicante, Albacete, Antequera, and Tarragona. This connectivity offers travelers an array of destinations to choose from, whether they are seeking the bustling streets of Barcelona, the historic charm of Seville, or the sunny beaches of Alicante.

The promotional fares vary depending on the destination but range between €8 and €20, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. The most competitive prices are found on popular routes like Madrid-Valencia, available from just €8, and Madrid-Barcelona from €16. Other destinations such as Seville, Málaga, Córdoba, Albacete, and Alicante are available for €18, while the recently inaugurated Barcelona-Seville route can be booked for as low as €20.

Iryo’s ticketing system is designed to cater to a variety of needs and preferences. It offers three different ticket types: Inicial, Singular Only You, and Infinita Bistró. The Inicial ticket allows for a change in the ticket holder’s name for a €40 fee or a date change 24 hours in advance for 15 percent of the ticket price plus any fare difference. The Singular Only You ticket reduces the name change fee to €20 and charges only the fare difference for date changes. The premium Infinita Bistró ticket offers the most flexibility, allowing free name changes and date changes for only the fare difference, along with a full menu onboard.

This promotional offer is a strategic move by Iryo to capture a larger share of the travel market in Spain. By offering competitive prices and flexible ticket options, Iryo is positioning itself as a strong contender in the Spanish travel industry, competing with other modes of transport like air travel and traditional rail services. The affordability and convenience of Iryo’s services are likely to appeal to a wide range of travelers, from tourists seeking to explore Spain’s rich cultural heritage to locals traveling for business or leisure.

Iryo’s fleet consists of 20 trains, and the company is a private venture, owned by Air Nostrum, Globalvia, and Trenitalia. The introduction of these high-speed trains not only promises a comfortable and efficient travel experience but also contributes to sustainable travel initiatives by providing a greener alternative to air travel.

The special offer, valid until January 11th, requires travelers to book their tickets before this date, although the travel can be scheduled for any time in the next year. This limited-time offer is expected to generate significant interest among travelers eager to explore Spain’s many attractions without breaking the bank.

As Iryo continues to expand its services and network, it is set to become a key player in Spain’s travel sector, offering an affordable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional travel options. With its latest promotional offer, Iryo is not just selling tickets; it’s offering an opportunity to discover the beauty and diversity of Spain in a cost-effective and convenient way.

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