krakow airport train station

Krakow Airport to open New Passenger Terminal and Train Station

If you are flying to Krakow, you will enjoy an even higher level of service after Krakow Airport officially opened the first part of its new passenger terminal building, as well as a new airport train station with a direct connection to the city center. The work forms part of a major investment project concerning the extension and modernization of the airport that will be capable of serving 8 million passengers annually.

Jan Pamuła, Krakow Airport President, said, “We can easily say that we have built a new airport where passengers are provided with a much higher level of service and comfortable conditions.”

The new rail link will run 31 trains per day every 30 minutes in each direction between Kraków Airport and Wieliczka Rynek-Kopalnia. The maximum speed on the line has been doubled to 80 km/h, meaning passengers can travel between the airport and city center in just 18 minutes.

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